Do you ever picture the day you walk down the aisle? Your best friends, family members, loved ones all gathered in one place for a night-long celebration. You know you’ll be the center of attention. I mean, it’s your wedding day, beauty! All eyes should be on you.

You’re glowing with the perfect glam to match your dress.

Now, your bridal beauty look didn’t come from a lack of effort. You put trust into a makeup artist and mastered bridal makeup tips. Where did you gather these tips from? A Chic Life, Chic Studios blog, ofcourse! 

Follow these hot tips to glow with ease on your special day.


Tip #1- Be Weather Ready

Rain or shine, the show must go on. Wedding planning begins long before a weather forecast will come out, so take the necessary precautions to feel prepared. Is there a chance for rain? Is there a chance for scorching hot weather? Either way, have emergency products on hand.


Tip #2- Take Care of Your Skin

When we say take care of your skin, we aren’t talking about prepping and priming. We’re talking about long-term skin care regimes. Before your wedding, make sure you’re treating your skin with the love, care and attention it deserves.

Preparing the skin to maintain makeup is essential in making it last. One of our Chic Brand Ambassadors, Giovanna, swears by using the appropriate cleanser, moisturizer and primer, all according to the skin type. The finishing is also important. Products as face powders and fixing spray are necessary to keep everything in the right place. 


Small quantities of products and the proper application make the world of a difference. Less really is more!


Tip #3- Get Prepared and Prepped

Thanks to the internet, we’re spoiled with resources. Before you determine your glam, shop around a little. Check out Pinterest boards and explore the endless bridal glam possibilities. 

  • Develop a vision board. The more inspo looks you gather, the more you can test and play around with potential glam that can suit your dress!
  • Our founder, Amy, advises always booking a trial. Get to know your MUA so you feel comfortable. Don’t like a product? Tell them! Your opinion matters. After all, it’s your wedding day. The bride to be should feel like the best version of themselves. Stay away from trends, focus on what feels right for you. In 20 years you will be looking at these photos, so think about what is authentically you!


Tip #4- Choose Photograph Ready Products

We’ve already gone over prepping and priming! What we’re focused on here is what products you can keep on hand that are photograph ready. Either you paid a photographer to snap pics of you, or your family and friends are doing it all, so have the right products on hand.

Speak with an MUA and choose a foundation such as Temptu airbrush foundation. It makes the skin look flawless and it takes half the time. Essentially, it’s a win-win on your wedding day.




Tip #5- Go for Quality not Quantity

If you should ever splurge, it’s now! You’re getting married. You’re the princess. Get the products you find hard to justify purchasing on a regular basis. You deserve this, beauty! 

It’s always better to discuss certain products with your MUA that are worth spending some extra coin on. If you want a glossy Marc Jacobs lip gloss on hand for your special day, go get it. It’s better to lather on premium products in smaller quantities than a lot of mediocre makeup.


You got this.

You don’t want to stress about a smudge, smear or a single thing on your wedding day. Leverage these master bridal tips to get the most out of your wedding glam, we promise you won’t regret it.

We know no matter what, you will be flawless and glowing. By spending some time researching, getting to know a few MUAs and diving into your dream wedding-day glam, you will ace it.

We recommend checking out our beauty courses to master some bridal beauty techniques yourself. If you plan on doing your own makeup, gather the necessary skills to ace bridal glam at Chic Studios. Explore our Airbrush Makeup Course or the 4- Week Professional Beauty + Bridal Makeup Course.  

Oh, and lastly, congrats gorgeous!