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Chic Studios School of Makeup is a leading national makeup school with locations in Los Angeles, New York City, and Denver. We provide professional makeup training that aligns with current industry trends and practices through detailed course instruction and live, hands-on lessons. Our experienced, industry-leading instructors and friendly staff offer comprehensive curriculum taught exclusively in classes of 16 students or fewer. Each of our budding makeup artists enjoys extensive supervision in a friendly, engaging, and inspiring learning environment.

Even after they are certified, we continue to support the growth of our makeup school graduates. Our career services department provides continued assistance for students and alumni, helping them plan and promote their careers with top brands and retailers or prepare to freelance with photographers, models, designers, and agencies. Our makeup training doesn’t end when you’ve completed your classes: we are highly invested in your success, and our Chic Pro Community continues to offer invaluable career advice, networking opportunities, and access to job fairs after graduation.

Recent Opportunities for Our Chic Grads

Our students become part of the extensive Chic Pro Community upon graduation, which continues to support alumni long after they complete their makeup school studies. This one-of-a-kind community provides access to hiring fairs at major retail brands like Sephora, Ricky’s, NYX Cosmetics, and Ulta, to name just a few. Our Chic Pro Community also gives graduates entry to many exclusive networking events, including Generation beauty, BeautyCon, and Coachella. Finally, being a Chic Studios graduate grants you a first look at some of the most coveted job postings in the industry, such as GlamSquad, iHeartRadio gigs, LAFW and NYFW.

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Words From Our Graduates

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