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Chic Studios Skin Care Tips

Winter is coming (literally)! This means our skin, especially lips, are going to feel like a dry desert these days. We at Chic Studios LA got you covered with some skin care tips to help keep your skin healthy and moisturized in no time! So grab a cozy blanket, get a humidifier, or drink a hot cocoa because we are going to let you in on our skin care secrets!

Take all of your makeup off!

First things first, be sure to remove all the makeup before you head to bed, and it’s best to even take it off as soon as possible! Leaving makeup for an extended period of time on your skin can trap dirt and bacteria, which causes your skin to most likely break out with acne and blackheads. It doesn’t leave a lot of breathing room for your skin and pores. It’ll be a lot detrimental to leave your makeup (or debris of it) overnight. Your skin needs to rejuvenate itself and breathe when you’re in your slumber. Think of it as taking off your work clothes before going to sleep. You and your skin need to feel comfortable, so your skin will have a happy and youthful glow the next morning!

Credits by The Body Shop

Exfoliate your skin

This step is important in the beginning of your good skin care routine(and before bed), especially as our skin ages. Exfoliating and massaging your face and skin activates cells and blood flow, making your skin appear younger while getting rid of dead skin cells. Don’t over exfoliate though! It would get rid of natural oils and leave your skin super dry. For best results, lightly wash your face twice a day with warm water and slather on an exfoliant/ lotion (with a cotton ball) to pack in the moisture- like “The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser”.

Use a moisturizer

Believe it or not, water from our deep layer of skin evaporates and it’s no wonder they can be dry. Help your skin stay smooth by applying moisturizer! Properties of moisturizers include natural ingredients like castor oil, shea butter, and lipids to reinforce your skin’s natural barriers and hydrate your skin as a whole. Moisturizers have a soft, smooth and glowing finish so you should keep those in handy! A good product for that is Juice Beauty Moisture SPF 30. Made of organic ingredients (i.e. pomegranate, grape, aloe and antioxidants), this moisturizer is perfect for hydrating and repairing the skin’s natural moisture and fatty acids. Best of all, it’s good for ALL skin types!

Apply sunscreen everyday

Yes, there will be cloudy days, but it’s so important to protect your skin with some sunscreen! UV rays will seep into the clouds and have an adverse effect on your skin with too much over exposure. We don’t want you to have damaged, sunburned skin! We recommend a good sunscreen with SPF 30 or above and contains barrier repairing ingredients. One such product is “Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50” for the job! This formula is packed with antioxidants for radiating a youthful glow and it has a non-greasy and non-oily feel. What a win-win! As the name suggests, you can wear it and feel good everyday!

Take care of your lips

Lips are the most vulnerable part of your skin, as your lips have a thin layer of skin compared to the rest of your body. Also with the thinness of the skin, the lips are actually more susceptible to skin damage from the sun’s UV rays. Here’s an analogy to think about. According to dermatologist Dr. Bruce Bart, M.D., your lips act like sponges. When they absorb moisture/water, they will stay hydrated. If left alone without hydration and with UV rays damaging effects, they will end up extremely dry, especially in the cold winter weather. Also, don’t lick your lips! Your saliva has enzymes that will take away the moisture on your lips. Instead, drink a lot of fluids and carry your lip balm. It’s recommended to have a good lip product with a SPF 30. Coola Liplux SPF 30 is a great choice, for it protects your lips from UVA/UVB rays, have an organic fruit butter blend as an ingredient, and is cruelty-free!


Stay hydrated by drinking water

As a general rule, we should drink an average of 8-9 glasses of water each day to stay hydrated. Your skin cells will benefit from drinking a sufficient amount of water. Drinking significantly less than the recommended dose will most likely result in a flaky, dry, and wrinkly skin. Also, water will flush out impurities in the body. So pack your bags with water, it’ll definitely come in handy! It’s not only about taking care on what’s on the outside, but nourishing the inside is important to having great skin!

Get plenty of sleep

If only we have all the time in the world to do everything we want! But it is not feasible and we have the temptation to skip sleep. Getting your beauty sleep is so important to your healthy skin! Having a good night’s sleep (about 8-9 hours average) will rejuvenate and restart your organs, the biggest one being your skin, for a good day ahead. You’ll literally feel refreshed when you wake up!


Skin care is definitely a must, not only for winter, but also all year round and face prep before makeup! Your skin needs to look good, so your makeup will look better! At Chic Studios, we can’t stress enough how important skin care is and will go into detail on how to do a good routine. That way, you’ll have a great routine under your belt and take the useful knowledge everywhere you go! This routine will be included in the classes! If you’re interested, be sure to sign up for our makeup classes!

Our Halloween Makeup Favorites at Chic!

Halloween is approaching! Time to get creative and spooky with some Halloween makeup! At Chic Studios LA, we absolutely love to recreate some of our favorite looks ranging from comic book characters to movie-inspired looks for this spook-tacular season. We encourage everyone to have some fun to achieve the looks, which include a full face and body makeup! Here are some of our favorite Halloween looks and how to get creative with them!

Makeup credits by Cassie Lomas/Clip2Art

Black Swan

  1. With a flat brush, apply white foundation (generous like couple of layers and avoid eyes)- apply on the tip of the brush to create a flawless look with Clown White by Mehron or Makeup For Ever.
  2. Outline all around the eyes to the temples with black gel eyeliner Makeup For Ever Aqua Black Waterproof liner– to color in the eyes, use flat brush and flick with light strokes to create the illusion of feathered eyes.
  3. With an angled brush, draw out the line from the eyes towards the bridge of the nose with Black eyeshadow Urban Decay – Blackout
  4. Use Black liquid eyeliner to go over the black eyeshadow – Urban Decay Perversion Felt Tip.
  5. Use Black mascara to accentuate those lashes- Maybelline Blackest Black Mascara.
  6.  Have a White eyeliner to line the waterline – Makeup For Ever Pencil in White eyeliner.
  7.  Use a contour powder to contour hollows of cheeks with fan brush with Cozzette Infinite Contour & Blush Palette.
  8. Paint in lips with Black lipstick Fenty in Uninvited. It is best to use a precision brush.
  9.  Apply white liquid eyeliner to draw in feather strokes in eyes with Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner.

Credits by Kimberly Nec

Pop Art

  1. Prep your face with foundation Color Pop No-Filter foundation — very matte and would hold color well.
  2. Apply concealer to dark circles and any blemishes with — MAC Prolongwear concealer
  3. Draw exaggerated sad-looking arched eyebrows with eyebrow gel (draw a dimple between the eyes to accentuate the sad look) – NYX Control Freak brow gel
  4. With a black liquid liner — Inglot #77 gel liner, draw outlines on your nose, cupid’s bow (curves between nose and mouth), chin, cheekbones, jawline, neckline, and collar bone.
  5. Line your eyes with black eyeliner pencil – Makeup Forever Aqua XL pencil – and create a longer, exaggerated lash line and draw on fake lashes (for the top and bottom of the eyes). Draw a fake eye creases.
  6. Line the bottom waterline with White Eyeliner – Kryolan White contour pencil
  7. Paint in lips with Lipstick- Makeup forever Flash Color Red. Add a white sheen on it with white eyeliner. Then use the same lipstick and the base of a fine brush to create dots around your face.
  8. For an added bonus, complete your comic book look with a colored wig!

Credits by JoolMakeup

Sugar Skull

  1. To moisturize your face, use a skin primerBenefit Pore Perfecter.
  2. Trace orbital bone with MUFE Aqua XL eye pencil in Black. Fill in with MAC Blacktrack. Set lid area with MAC Violet pigment.
  3. Use MAC Face and Body paint – White to coat your face and neck– highlight with MAC White Paint Stick. Avoid eye and nose area!
  1. Wear lashes to make your eyes pop with MAC #35 lashes.
  2. Trace tip of nose with MUFE Aqua XL liner in Black – Fill in with MAC Blacktrack.
  3. Create teeth lines with MUFE Aqua XL Liner in Black.
  4. Decorate sugar skull with MUFE Aqua Xl pencil in Black and color in with cream makeup from MUFE Flash palette.
  5. Add extra flare by adding different color crystals that you can find at Michaels stores.  Adhere with Duo Eyelash Adhesive.


Credits by Elicia Aragon


  1. Moisturize your skin with Elf Water Balm Moisturizer.
  2. Apply your foundation with Mac Studio Fix Fluid.
  3. Put concealer on dark circles and other blemishes with Mac Prolong wear concealer.
  4. Set your foundation with powder Hourglass Veil Setting Powder and Mac Studio Fix Powder in White.
  5. Apply light red/purple eyeshadow onto the creases, inner and outer corners of your eyes- MAC Vibrant Grape and Passionate eyeshadows.
  6. Go into the eye creases even more with dark red/purple eyeshadow to create definition-MAC Shadowy Lady.
  1. Increase intensity by adding black eyeshadow into the creases once more- Inglot gel liner #77.
  1. Dab white shimmer eyeshadow onto the center of the eyelids to create contrast-Mac Crystal Avalanche. Then highlight on the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes.
  1. Draw on super exaggerated cat eye with black liquid eyeliner- Kat Von D Tattoo liner.
  2. Apply generous coats of black mascara L’Oréal Lash Paradise.
  3. Then set false lashes- Ardele Studio Effect Demi Whispys.
  4. Draw on dark eyebrows with brown/black eyebrow gel – Elf Beautifully Bare Brow Gel in Dark.
  5. Contour cheekbones, forehead and jawline with contour powder-Dior Backstage Contour Palette.
  1. Paint lips with plum/dark red liquid lipstick- Mac lipstick Sin.
  2. You can put on rhinestones on your face. Go to Michaels Crafts and find some inexpensive crystals for bedazzling and use Duo Latex Free lash glue to adhere to face
  3. You can put white face/body paint to draw on stripes if you don’t have a costume- Kryolan TV Paint Stick in White.


Now that you’ve got the ingredients to create the looks, take pictures of your look and tag us on instagram @chicstudios #chicstudios! We love to see what you can come up with!

5 Top Social Media Tips for the Socially Savvy (and the not so!)

Digital beauty is the name, and social media is our game. With over 80,000 followers on our Instagram and 20,000 in our Chic Community, we might know a thing or two about having a great social media platform. In our Digital Beauty class, we go over the basics and fundamentals of what you need to learn in order to market yourself, your brand, or product on various social outlets. We help students learn from the ground up: which apps they need to download, how to navigate through them, how to create amazing content, and finally, post that content to the masses and reach an audience beyond your followers. With so much to touch on, we know that social media can be overwhelming especially if you’re new to every platform. We’ve found Instagram to be the most prevalent and it can be a bit confusing to navigate. Here are our top social media tips for the socially savvy and not so socially savvy!

Create a consistent schedule

Whether it’s once a day, once a week, or once a month — create a consistent schedule when it comes to posting! Due to Instagram’s latest algorithm, it might seem hopeless to get noticed now (especially if you’re seeing posts from a minute ago to 15 days ago) but don’t let that discourage you! Feel free to post high quality and amazing content at a time and day that’s easy for you. You have followers for a reason and you’ll need to give them content once in a while to interact with. The percentage of them unfollowing will increase if you create an account and don’t do much with it.

Use Instastory

One of the best ideas stolen from Snapchat! Instagram took this feature and completely updated and improved it. We’re still stuck with unpleasant filters but features like polls, location, Giphy, questions, and adding posts to the story have definitely made up for it. As mentioned in the point before, sometimes your post could get lost in the algorithm. Instagram has added a feature where you can add this post to your story and have your followers click on that post to interact with it. If you have a business account and have more than 10k followers, you’re able to add links to your story so people can buy a product you’re using, learn more about your business… the possibilities are endless. These features help boost up your engagement as you’re able to ask followers questions and advice. They get to know you a little bit more and vice versa.


The more invested you are in your social media, the more you realize the importance of hashtags. You should choose generic hashtags but also pick a couple brand specific and curated ones. Those smaller hashtags will help you gain more visibility in the community you’re in. Now when it comes to the number of hashtags, this is always a cause for debate! Some people say only use 5 great hashtags, but you do have the option to use up to 30… USE THEM UP! When it comes to posting, put 1-5 important hashtags in the caption. These hashtags can be “#sponsored” or a hashtag that is mainly for you and your brand. Then as soon as you press “post” put a list of 20 more hashtags (the generic and more curated ones) as the first comment. Having you post as a first comment will enable your photo to be seen in that hashtag.

Be #Relatable

Instagram gets a bad reputation for being too polished and too curated at times. If I’m out partying, whatever goes on my Instagram is completely different than the mess that is my Snapchat. For Instagram, you put up this front that your life is perfect, everything has a VSCO filter on it and rule of thirds is your life. It can be tiring to have such a polished life, so post up memes on your Instastory, include a hilarious caption of how you achieved a photo, engage with your followers and actually comment something back genuine other than a string of emojis. Don’t be a mess but be a human being! Posting stories of you blacked out in the club might not be such a good idea, but posting a story of the outfit, bottle service, and music would be more audience appropriate.

Don’t buy likes or followers

It might seem enticing to inflate your numbers in order to look legitimate. Don’t do it! The important takeaway: focus on your target audience and build your community! Even if you have 50 followers or 1,000 followers — make them count. If someone new follows you, go to their page and “like” at least 6 of their photos and comment on one. It will leave an impression that you notice everything, especially someone new, and want to share the love! Go to the hashtags that you’ve curated and start engaging with other posts in that tag. Social media was built to create a community and you don’t want to taint it with fake numbers.

makeup artist classes

5 Reasons Why Being a Certified Makeup Artist Matters

makeup artist certified matters

Through the scope of social media, it seems like makeup artists are living the most glamorous lives right now. They’re given opportunities to work on the faces of A-list celebrities like Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen, travel the world, and be backstage at high fashion runway shows every season. However, there’s so much more to it than living a lavish life! The journey to becoming a professional MUA is not as effortless as it looks on Instagram. The artists that we follow and teach about at our LA makeup school have gone through years of training as well as working hard to achieve their level of expertise. Through the years of tirelessly perfecting their craft, there are so many amazing benefits as to why being a certified makeup artist matter!

At our LA makeup school, we promise professional certification in 4-5 weeks! Our classes are intensive, hands-on, and you’ll feel like you’ve worked for a decade with the number of rotations we do a week. Our instructors are amazing artists who are still working in the industry so they’re able to touch on trends and give their own personal experience working on bridal clients, on-set, and even backstage at New York Fashion Week. We teach people of various skill levels and the end result is always the same: we’re able to take what you know (and what you may not know) and mold you into an amazing certified makeup artist.

Here are some of the reasons why being a certified makeup artist matters in Los Angeles:


Essential Skills of a Makeup Artist in Los Angeles

makeup school la freelance artist skills

As a makeup school in Los Angeles, we get so many questions about people not only wondering if they’re too old to take a course or if they have no idea what they’re doing in makeup. We quickly dispell any negative connotation they have about the beauty industry and let them know that age is nothing but a number, it’s all about the type of skills that you can bring to the table. During our Professional Makeup Course, we go over certain skills that every makeup artist should master if they want to succeed in the industry. It could range from pushing yourself to take a look to the next level, timing, or communication.

In the fast-paced and growing beauty industry in Los Angeles, you need to be able to outshine the competition. You may say you already have the skills, but it won’t hurt to double check what you may be missing. There are so many essential skills of a makeup artist needed in Los Angeles, but here are a few!


Do’s and Don’ts of Foundation – Makeup School in New York City

makeup school nyc foundation mistakes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro makeup artist or novice, we all want to achieve flawless skin that is radiant along with pore-and-blemish-free. Makeup is meant to boost our confidence and express ourselves with a first glance. With so many different foundations out there, it can be easy to make mistakes and choose the wrong one for you. Foundation is the base– in order for your makeup to look perfect, you need to make sure your face is a seamless canvas. Here are some major do’s and don’t’s when it comes to foundation!

At our New York makeup school, there’s so much to cover in four weeks of class time! Whatever your skill in makeup is, we’re always keen to go over the basics and build our way up. We talk about the importance of hygiene in our Beauty Makeup course; if your station isn’t clean, the chances of you getting hired again are slim! From there, we go on about color matching, color theory, brush fundamentals, as well as foundation. In order to create perfect makeup, you need to make sure everything underneath is flawless as well. Did we miss something? Be sure to let us know your favorite makeup tip in the comments. 


What To Do After You Graduate from a Makeup School in Los Angeles

makeup school in los angeles graduate questions

Going to a makeup school and receiving proper training is a huge privilege in the professional beauty industry. However, a lot of people looking into enrolling at a makeup school are uncertain of where their future lies. At Chic Studios, makeup school in Los Angeles, we’re always getting asked the question, “What happens next after your students graduate?” We’re glad to give our students the Chic Pro Community after graduating from our Professional Makeup Course. It gives them a platform to start putting themselves out there and booking jobs!

It’s no joke to spend your money on something you’re not absolutely sure about. But the thing is, how will you know if you don’t try? Here’s what you need to do after you graduate from a makeup school in Los Angeles

Remember beauties, in order to be successful, you need to take the opportunities given and manifest them! It all starts with you and your attitude towards the future of your career.


Spring Beauty Trends We’ll be Teaching at our Makeup School in Los Angeles

With the inauguration of spring, we’re turning to the red carpet for spring beauty trends that we’ll be teaching at our makeup school in Los Angeles! These celebrities wowed the crowd during their red carpet appearances in 2018 and we can’t wait to recreate them during rotations as part of our Professional Makeup CourseEvery month at our makeup school in LA, we tell each new student enrolled to turn to their favorite makeup artists and celebrities for inspiration. The following beauty looks are examples of how our students can test their skills as well as show off their creativity!

makeup school in la bella hadid

Smokey Liner

If smokey eyes and cat eyes had a baby, this look would be it! Renowned celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta kept the edges of Bella Hadid’s wings sharp as a blade but buffed out the top part to smoke it up towards her temples. If you thought the smokey eye was edgy– you need to try this look out! Remember to always pair an intense eye look with a blindingly bright highlighter, peachy nude blush, and lipstick. Keep everything neutral so that all the attention is focused on the eyes. You’re ready to slay for the night out!


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