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Essential Skills of a Makeup Artist in Los Angeles

makeup school la freelance artist skills

As a makeup school in Los Angeles, we get so many questions about people not only wondering if they’re too old to take a course or if they have no idea what they’re doing in makeup. We quickly dispell any negative connotation they have about the beauty industry and let them know that age is nothing but a number, it’s all about the type of skills that you can bring to the table. During our Professional Makeup Course, we go over certain skills that every makeup artist should master if they want to succeed in the industry. It could range from pushing yourself to take a look to the next level, timing, or communication.

In the fast-paced and growing beauty industry in Los Angeles, you need to be able to outshine the competition. You may say you already have the skills, but it won’t hurt to double check what you may be missing. There are so many essential skills of a makeup artist needed in Los Angeles, but here are a few!


Do’s and Don’ts of Foundation – Makeup School in New York City

makeup school nyc foundation mistakes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro makeup artist or novice, we all want to achieve flawless skin that is radiant along with pore-and-blemish-free. Makeup is meant to boost our confidence and express ourselves with a first glance. With so many different foundations out there, it can be easy to make mistakes and choose the wrong one for you. Foundation is the base– in order for your makeup to look perfect, you need to make sure your face is a seamless canvas. Here are some major do’s and don’t’s when it comes to foundation!

At our New York makeup school, there’s so much to cover in four weeks of class time! Whatever your skill in makeup is, we’re always keen to go over the basics and build our way up. We talk about the importance of hygiene in our Beauty Makeup course; if your station isn’t clean, the chances of you getting hired again are slim! From there, we go on about color matching, color theory, brush fundamentals, as well as foundation. In order to create perfect makeup, you need to make sure everything underneath is flawless as well. Did we miss something? Be sure to let us know your favorite makeup tip in the comments. 


What To Do After You Graduate from a Makeup School in Los Angeles

makeup school in los angeles graduate questions

Going to a makeup school and receiving proper training is a huge privilege in the professional beauty industry. However, a lot of people looking into enrolling at a makeup school are uncertain of where their future lies. At Chic Studios, makeup school in Los Angeles, we’re always getting asked the question, “What happens next after your students graduate?” We’re glad to give our students the Chic Pro Community after graduating from our Professional Makeup Course. It gives them a platform to start putting themselves out there and booking jobs!

It’s no joke to spend your money on something you’re not absolutely sure about. But the thing is, how will you know if you don’t try? Here’s what you need to do after you graduate from a makeup school in Los Angeles

Remember beauties, in order to be successful, you need to take the opportunities given and manifest them! It all starts with you and your attitude towards the future of your career.


Spring Beauty Trends We’ll be Teaching at our Makeup School in Los Angeles

With the inauguration of spring, we’re turning to the red carpet for spring beauty trends that we’ll be teaching at our makeup school in Los Angeles! These celebrities wowed the crowd during their red carpet appearances in 2018 and we can’t wait to recreate them during rotations as part of our Professional Makeup CourseEvery month at our makeup school in LA, we tell each new student enrolled to turn to their favorite makeup artists and celebrities for inspiration. The following beauty looks are examples of how our students can test their skills as well as show off their creativity!

makeup school in la bella hadid

Smokey Liner

If smokey eyes and cat eyes had a baby, this look would be it! Renowned celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta kept the edges of Bella Hadid’s wings sharp as a blade but buffed out the top part to smoke it up towards her temples. If you thought the smokey eye was edgy– you need to try this look out! Remember to always pair an intense eye look with a blindingly bright highlighter, peachy nude blush, and lipstick. Keep everything neutral so that all the attention is focused on the eyes. You’re ready to slay for the night out!


6 Hottest Eyeshadow Palettes For a Makeup School in NYC

makeup school in nyc eyeshadow palettes best

2018 has been the year for makeup! Along with the Top Foundations For a Professional Makeup School, we’ve asked Chic Studios director, Amy Nicole for her list of top 6 hottest eyeshadow palettes for a makeup school in New York City. The following are amazing palettes from great brands which are handy not only for a pro kit but a personal makeup kit as well. Amy’s choices are completely versatile and able to work on various skin tones and skin types!

Even though we have a set kit for each student enrolled, our makeup school in NYC is not limited to just that. Our classroom is a huge hub of brands, big and small, and open for all students to come in and play with during rotations. In our Professional Makeup Course, we want to make sure our students are exposed to as many brands as possible before they’re pushed into the pro beauty industry. It’s great for them to see how different brands work on various skin tones and skin types. (more…)

Top Foundations for a Professional Makeup School in Denver

Makeup School in Denver foundation

Being a professional makeup artist can open up so many doors for someone who loves makeup! They get a chance to improve their skill daily as well as be included in their favorite brands’ PRO card programs. With this programs comes an endless list of discounts available for a pro makeup artist which means more makeup. With such a large selection of mascaras, palettes, and foundation– how are we supposed to know what to choose? We asked Chic Studios director, Amy Nicole, on her top foundations needed for a professional makeup school in Denver.

With enrollment at our makeup school in Denver, you’ll be given a starting point for your professional makeup kit. As your career grows, so will your collection! Enrolling in our Beauty and Bridal courses will give you the tips, tricks, and tools needed for your new journey. The next time you’re in a makeup store, check out the following foundations!


History of our Favorite Los Angeles Beauty Department Stores

beauty department stores los angeles

Beauty department stores are either a saving grace or living nightmare for makeup addicts. Once you step into these stores, you’re immediately taken into an overwhelming experience where you’re surrounded by beauty products (hair, makeup, skincare, etc) ranging from smaller brands to high-end ones. It just feels more exclusive and luxurious compared to your usual drugstore. At Chic Studios, makeup school in LA, we’re always heavily influenced and inspired by the beauty industry. The following cosmetic retailers have completely transformed the beauty industry but where did they get their start? It’s time for a history lesson! Get to know the story and history of our favorite beauty department stores in Los Angeles and some great rewards and discounts you can receive when shopping there after becoming a Chic Studios graduate!


Do’s and Don’ts for Resumes in the Beauty Industry

makeup school la beauty resume advice

At Chic Studios, LA makeup school, we know just how important it is to push yourself, especially in the job market. In our Bridal + Business week, a part of our Professional Makeup Course, we go over the basics of becoming a freelance makeup artist: building your beauty brand, creating a portfolio, and making a resume.

A great resume is still one of the most important and contributing factors when entering the job market. It gives potential employers a quick overview of your skill set, job experience, and education so that they can make an immediate decision on asking you to come in for an interview. According to TheLadders, an online job matching service, recruiters approximately spend six seconds reviewing a resume. Within that tiny window of opportunity, you’ll need to make a lasting and great first impression. The following are do’s and don’ts for resumes that will make you stand out in the beauty industry. These tips are sure to make sure you are a cut above the rest and snag an interview with your potential employer.


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