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Having the right makeup brushes is crucial when becoming a professional makeup artist. A great makeup brush will truly make a difference with any application. At Chic Studios, we make sure that our students have the right tools and we’re proud to exclusively use Real Techniques in our students’ makeup kits. In each kit, we give incoming students 18 new brushes that can be used to apply foundation, set powder, groom brows, and create gorgeous eye looks.

One of the most important things behind makeup artistry is using the right tools, and for many women, they’re not quite sure where to start. The majority of artists have grown up using triangle wedges, eye applicators, powder puffs, and even their fingers to apply makeup. Now that YouTube has been thriving as a way to learn the pro secrets, brushes seem like the perfect fit.

What’s special about Real Techniques is that the handles signify what each brush should be used for. We’ll be talking about the brushes with the chic pink handles which are known as the finishing and sculpting brushes.

Sculpting Brush

The sculpting brush features a wide, flat head that’s used to create a sleek contour. With its innovative shape, it can create precise definition and the illusion of a chiseled jawline and high cheek structure. Not only that, it can be used with both powder and liquid! Users can accentuate the features they love, change the shape of their face, or simply enhance their natural bone structure.

Blush Brush

This blush brush is a must-have in your belt! The design of the brush is custom cut to blend out product like a pro. With its amazing versatility, you’ll be able to contour and define cheeks flawlessly. Because it’s synthetic like the Stippling Brush, you’re able to use it everywhere on the face. Using the tip of the brush, you’ll be able to set smaller areas of the face like your undereye area or forehead. Using the belly of the brush, you can powder and set your face in no time! It’s the perfect brush to use when playing around with liquid and cream products as well.

Stippling Brush

For our followers who love an airbrushed look, try the Real Techniques Stippling Brush! This dual fiber brush distributes the product evenly for a feathery and smoothing finish. A little goes a long way, so we suggest using a lightweight foundation or a small amount of foundation. If you want to really conceal blemishes and dark spots, pack in a pea size amount and buff foundation over the problem areas. Since it’s a synthetic brush, you can also use to set your foundation in place with powder and blush! It fits perfectly onto the apples of your cheeks as well as high points of your face (cheek bones and around the brow bone).

Every brush from Real Techniques has never failed us! These tools were created by makeup artists so functionality is key in design and use. If you’re interested in wanting to try out our favorite brushes, contact us now to book a tour at either our New York or Los Angeles locations.

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