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Have you wondered what it’s really like working as an MUA? Both on and off the runway, as well as in and out of the studio, makeup artists use creativity and cosmetics to make real works of art, everyday.

We asked our very own Chic Studios Pro MUA, Isabella Fridman, on what a typical working day looks like and what keeps her smiling throughout her busy schedule.


”Life can be hectic, weather you are working by yourself or with others, you’re always trying to meet a deadline whilst maintaining your best work. My day usually begins pretty early since I like to do my own makeup before work. I prep the evening before a shoot, making sure I have all my kit and tools cleaned, dry and ready to grab and go. The length of my day will depend on the type of work I’m booked for – a private client, fashion show, movie or TV studio. My working hours can be from 30min to 16 hours a day, plus travel time and getting to the location, we’re not always inside a studio and have to be adaptable when working on location. No one day is the same, which I love!” – Isabella


”On days when I’m not booked for freelance work you’ll find me on social, filming content for myself and Chic Studios, looking for new trends, techniques and products to try out. Fashion and beauty is constantly evolving and I’m fortunate enough to get to be the first to play with new cosmetics that come to market. My favourite part is the amazing feeling you get when you see your work come together beautifully at the end of the day. That is what gives me the biggest smile, every single time.” – Isabella.

Thanks Isabella! You can follow Isabella on social her at @beautybyisabellafridman and @chicstudios creating stunning looks every week as part of our Make Up For The Weekend series on IG.

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