Covid has affected businesses enormously throughout 2020 and into 2021 year. Every business, from beauty to bakeries, is trying to figure out a solution, the best way forward, and how to pivot to regain momentum.

pivot means fundamentally changing the direction of a business when you realize the current products or services aren’t meeting the needs of the market. The main goal of a pivot is to help a company improve revenue or to survive in the market, but the way you pivot your business can make all the difference.

As entrepreneurs, it’s important to stay nimble and move with the times (or emergencies!) so we can pivot our business strategies to keep up with our goals.

As the USChamber wrote: 65% of businesses are concerned about having to close their business, or stay closed.  We lean into the reality of what this means to pivot during Covid days.


Makeup Artists:

Among all beauty businesses, makeup artists are the ones who have faced a major loss due to this pandemic. Their job demands close human interaction, and it means staying idle while the world figured out how to approach. After figuring it out, and learning the ways of the ‘new normal’  it become apparent  we need to carry on, and so we did… with a mask, shield, sanitization next to you, alcohol ready and social distancing. 



Here are ways to Pivot:

Take it online wherever possible: Can you digitize your product or service? Is there a portion you could digitize and make available to your clients?

Use Zoom, IG Lives, Facebook Lives or other online platforms to host online classes, or conference.  

Are there digital products you can create from your business? Templates, Paperwork, DIYs, Workflows, Samples, etc. If so, you can create an online shop and sell those digital products online!

Education: YouTube Videos, blog posts, webinars, social media content: Tutorials: How to use your product or DIY your service from home Product/service reviews, tips and examples. Online Courses/Membership options using platforms like Thinkific, Teachable or Kajabi where you can teach an in depth course on your product or service, or niche educational points in your industry.

Online Gift Cards: Sell gift cards for clients to use or give to those they love and appreciate (like Black-owned beauty businesses!) towards future visits, services, products, etc. 


Ask yourself… Are there any products that align really well with your brand? Maybe you own a lipstick line and there is a local makeup artist you really love – why not partner, promote each other’s products and offer a commission (40- 50% commission is incentivizing).

Are there products, services, memberships, platforms, or supplies you use often in your business and love? Reach out to those brands and pitch an idea to partner with them to offer a discount code to your audience/commission link in exchange for genuinely sharing how much you love them.



DIY Kits: Are you a makeup artist? Create a beauty kit or a self-care kit. Create a ‘How to use’ or ‘unboxing’ experience to go along with the Kit. Send it to the customer as a ‘gift,’ and post on YouTube or Vimeo!

Events, Conference, Markets:  Create a virtual event experience. You can create engagement through the chatbox, have panelists share their expertise, have someone play live music, offer prizes etc.

Creating interactive learning sessions where you have guest speakers teach on a specific topic, allow guests to ask questions and make it as interactive as possible.

Use social media (Instagram/Facebook Group, Clubhouse, etc.) to feature your business and promote your event.


We’re all in this together, we’re here for you beauties! Reach out if you need more tips or ideas for your business. //