Professional Makeup Artist Journey

Professional Makeup Artist Journey

10 Days To Your Ideal Future

If you are considering the fast, ever-changing field of professional makeup artistry, Chic Studios School of Makeup wants to make this journey even more exciting with our most helpful tips. Whether you want to make stars or brides really shine or you want to teach people trending techniques on your own social media channel, take it one day at a time!

Day 1

Manifest Your Dreams

What made you want to be a professional makeup artist?

Day 2

Acknowledge Your Goals

Is 2021 your year? Set a date when you will become a full-time and freelancing artist.

Day 3

List Your Traits

Write down three words that represent yourself as a pro makeup artist.

Day 4

Identify Professional

Who inspires you? Make it your goal this month to read one business book and one makeup book to improve your mindset.

Day 5

Research Your Heroes

Find a makeup artist that you admire and share with us @chicstudios three key takeaways from what you discovered during your research.

Day 6

Build Your Network

Tell us your Instagram handle or website! We want to build a community and it starts with support!

Day 7

Get Honest

What factors are getting in the way of you and your potential new career?

Day 8

Create Your Presence

Post a makeup look or video that you’ve created on yourself! Go out and see how many conversations you and your makeup can start. Don’t forget to mention you’re a makeup artist.

Day 9

Sketch Out A Plan

What are the steps you need to take to become a pro makeup artist?

Day 10

Make It Happen

Treat yourself for completing this challenge! Whatever your reward, make sure to take everything you’ve learned and invest in your career!


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