Create a captivating business page or username

 It’s hard for the average social media browser to know you are a stellar Makeup Artist (MUA) when your username is just “Jane_Doe.” Make it captivating and obvious you are an MUA, and a fabulous one at that! For example, BeautybyJaneDoe is more telling for the person scrolling through Instagram looking for the next best beauty page. Make sure it also speaks to you and is personal to your unique talents. If BeautybyJaneDoe doesn’t really tell us WHAT Jane Doe specializes in, try JaneDoe_TheDewyQueen if you specialize in “dewy” looks. And lastly, remember, SEO works in our favor when we include key words and phrases to our usernames/bios on Instagram. This includes words such as “beauty” and “makeup.”



Blog your work

As an MUA, you are exposed to so many unique industry experiences and no day is the same. Instagram captions favor short, concise captions and don’t always allow you to fully express your message. So, start a blog! You can write posts about your niche focus, busy days, favorite products and makeup tips. This allows the customer or reader to really get to know you and your dedication to the industry. We could all learn from each other, so why not share your personal journey!


Blog websites we recommend: WordPress, Wix, Weebly



Post Before and After Pictures

Beauty enthusiasts love to see your talent showcased. The final makeup look isn’t all viewers are after, however! It is more effective to showcase your talent by posting a before photo and an after photo. This way, they can really see your talent. Of-course, make sure these photos are in good lighting and at the same angle for cohesion.



Ace your IG bios

Once someone stumbles upon your MUA Insta page, you want to captivate them right off the bat. An Instagram bio is an excellent way of doing this. You can get creative, so don’t worry about following just one “right” way of creating a stunning bio. Here are some tips to get you started…

  1. Choose a unique font.
  2. Mention your niche!
  3. Make sure to answer these questions: What do I do? How does it help people? Why should they care about my page?
  4. Include your favorite quote. What summarizes your brand? Maybe, it’s even your own quote. 





Like the previous example, if you are Jane Doe and everyone in LA knows you specialize in the dewy glam look…make it known in your bio! Jane Doe, Queen of Dewy Glam, LA Based. It’s also great to use emojis, such as the round pushpin emoji to showcase your location.



We are always looking to up our social media game. Hopefully, these tips help you as much as they have helped us!