Makeup Lessons

Makeup Lessons

Professional & Flexible

We’re so happy you found us! We have top educators, professional courses and the most modern curriculums. And, we have great news, you can customize and choose what you learn, and we’re here to get you certified with our partner educators!

Don’t have a regular schedule, or want to learn at your own pace? We have you in mind with our Professional Makeup Lessons. Choose a location. Then…

What: Whether you are interested in exploring a professional beauty career, brushing up on your makeup skills, learning on yourself or learning the latest TikTok trends, this option allows you to choose the day/time and lesson. We create the plan, book the educator and get you started!

How Long: You Choose your hours – from 3 hours, 6, 12, 22 up to 36 hours. We offer certified training, curriculums in Bridal makeup, Beauty makeup, Airbrush, Fashion, Editorial, Social Media trends and Red carpet and more.

Next Step: Complete the ‘Secure Here’ to your right ->  submit the payment and we will confirm the lesson date, hours, curriculum based on your request.

More about the Makeup Lesson

We can design a course that is right for you!

Have you always wanted to learn more about beauty and makeup? Chic Studios can help! Whether you are interested in exploring a professional beauty career someday, are looking to hone a particular skill, or simply want to invest in makeup lessons to improve your personal beauty routine, our makeup lessons are a fun and flexible way to learn more about makeup.

We have now offer bespoke, tailor-made courses for individuals who require a course to cater to whatever they would like to learn. Whether they are already a working makeup artist and would like to add to their skills, refresh their knowledge or someone visiting from afar and would like to cover more in a shorter space of time. We can design a course that is right for you.


Decide what you would like to learn and we will put together the perfect course based on your objective. What types of lessons? Here are a few examples: Smokey Eyes + Winged Liner, Color mixing and product knowledge, False Lashes + Business and Social Media.


This is your course designed for your needs, so we let you decide where and when you would like the course to take place.


Complete your course and graduate as a Chic Studios Certified Makeup Artist. (22-hours lesson)


At Chic Studios we welcome everyone, whether it’s someone new to makeup, a professional or someone who wants 100% at all time. We understand that for some of you our carefully structured courses are not right. We organize and design the course based on your needs! Need a customized Schedule. A selected focus on makeup, we can make it happen, and make it perfect.


You get to choose which location, where you would like your course to take place! LA or NYC?


Your sessions will be one to three students, while models are provided for learning, so you will receive 100% hands-on attention.


All our courses comprise of very in-depth prepared lessons which are very detailed!


Regardless of your course being a custom design, we will make sure it has all the necessary information so you successfully graduate. And, we’ll proudly provide a certificate.