Level 1 Course

Level 1 Beauty Makeup & Skincare

Your starting point on your MUA journey, this level 1 course includes:

  • A journey through the history of makeup and the iconic beauties who shaped the styles of today.
  • Skin! From terminology to treatments, we’ll cover all you could ever want to know about the body’s largest organ!
  • Understanding facial structures and face shapes so you can create a flattering look for any client.
  • Keeping your tools, your clients and yourself safe with important hygiene tips.
  • Learning the tools of the trade, from makeup brushes to foundations.
  • And of course – how to apply makeup like a total pro!

Tuition $195.00 USD

Level 2 Course

Level 2 Bridal Makeup

Let us show you how to turn bridezillas into blushing brides with our in-depth bridal makeup application course. Whether your client wants a traditional look or something heavy glam, we’ve got you covered.

Tuition $195.00 USD

Level 2 Business Makeup Artistry

Learn the basics of starting your own makeup artistry business, from getting hired and networking to branding and marketing yourself. (Includes a bonus module on starting your Bridal Makeup business).

Tuition $95.00 USD

Level 3 Course

Level 3 Digital Beauty & Social Media

Social media is taking over so understanding how to create scroll-stopping digital beauty looks is a must. In this course you’ll not only learn how to perfect a digital makeup look, but also how to use social media to market your own services.

Tuition $195.00 USD

Level 3 Makeup for TV & Music Video

Discover the ins and outs of working in TV and Music video, from popular looks to HD makeup to how lighting can affect appearance. To top it off, we’ll share the must-haves for a professional kit bag and the need-to-know roles when working on set.

Tuition $95.00 USD

Level 3 Makeup for Fashion & Runway

Get to grips with the fast paced fashion world with our designated course outlining roles and runway etiquette. Along with trending looks and the kit you’ll need to survive runway shows, you’ll be ready to take on a full fashion week  with ease.

Tuition $95.00 USD

Level 1/2/3 Professional Course

Take our full  professional program and launch your MUA journey with us at Chic Studios online. Includes Level 1, 2 & 3 courses; Bridal, TV & Music Video, Digital Beauty & Social Media, Fashion & Runway, Business of Makeup Artistry.

Tuition $495.00 USD

Level 4 Course

Level 4 Airbrush Makeup

Advance your skills and kit with our Airbrush Makeup course using the latest technology. Learn the techniques and control to provide a flawless finish for editorial and film work, adding a whole new set of skills to your portfolio.

Tuition $195.00 USD

Level 4 Hairstyling for Makeup Artists

Add to your portfolio and tame those tresses with our Hairstyling course.  Learn the art of the up do, blow outs, plus tips and tricks of the trade to successfully manage any hair type at your next photoshoot or show.

Tuition $95.00 USD