Does au natural makeup even exist? As in totally organic products? The answer is… of course! Although not as mainstream as dramatic makeup looks with the typical ingredients, natural makeup with true organic products are becoming a trend in recent months, especially in bridal makeup (big time)! Brides love au natural as possible looks! Here are Chic Studios founder Amy Nicole‘s interview and expert tips on how au natural makeup is used in a bridal setting.

Amy Nicole has something to say…

‘Natural Makeup is a look that is requested by many brides and bridal parties, it’s less of trend but something that is always common with individuals who do not wear a lot of makeup traditionally, or opt for a simple glam for their big day.’

Examples of Natural Makeup are; tinted moisturizer, soft eyes, brown or clear mascara for minimal definition and a soft lip. Adding a peach or soft pink to the cheek is great even for a natural bridal makeup look, as it add a pop of color and keeps the face fresh.

Keep in mind, Natural makeup looks and Natural makeup products are two separate things. For example, natural makeup products are used and in high demand by many clients/individuals who want chemical free, non-toxic products on their face and bodies.  This would be for makeup looks ranging from simple skin care, to natural or day makeup and an evening glam. On the other hand, a ‘Natural Makeup Look’ could be used by various makeup products or selectively by chemical/non-toxic products only.

Photo Credits by Dimitri Otis


What are the trendy colors for natural makeup for weddings?

Are natural colors Trends? Sure!  The trendy colors are peach cheeks, just a dust of color. A nude soft eye, which adds to the rest of the face and skin.  The key tip with this, is always ensure the skin and lips are hydrated.

There are some amazing all natural and vegan products on the market now, which make it easy to select and choose.  Several brands that are great, have variety and provide high quality are: Milk Makeup, Honest Beauty, 100% Pure and Pacifica Beauty to name a few.

Here are some specific products I love:

Milk Makeup: Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

Milk Makeup: KUSH Lip Balm

Honest Beauty: Lip Crayon – Demi Matte

100% Pure: Fruit Pigmented® Lip & Cheek Tint

Models using natural makeup

Summary: Natural Makeup for Brides and Weddings

When thinking about Natural Makeup, it’s not necessarily about less makeup, but rather, looking like less makeup, light on the application and keeping it fresh.

This can be done with a youthful or mature skin.

A great way, if you have the option to help achieve this, is apply, with a light hand, a layer of airbrush makeup, over the skin, however if this is not an option, there are several great traditional foundation products.

Here are the steps to applying natural makeup for brides and wedding makeup.

Photo Credits by Dimitri Otis
  •       STEP 1: Pre-Prep Skin   (cleanse, exfoliate if needed, toner and moisturizer)          
  •       STEP 2: Primer
  •       STEP 3: Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer
  •       STEP 4: Concealer, if needed (redness or discoloration)
  •       STEP 5: Powder
  •       STEP 6: Eye Base (apply over the lids to ensure eye makeup lasts, a little goes a long way)
  •       STEP 7: Eyebrows – Shape & Define
  •       STEP 8:Eye Shadow (this can be soft colors that you feel best in) Nothing too shimmery or too matte.
  •       STEP 9:Eyeliner – Not too dark or deep with color. Use to define but not too harsh. less is best
  •       STEP 10: Mascara – Soft and separated lashes, not heavy and dramatic.  Not always black mascara; clear or brown is recommended.
  •       STEP 11:Blush (color of choice, peach, pink, plum)
  •       STEP 12:Lip Color (gloss or lipstick)
  •       STEP 13:Lipstick – Nothing too light or shiny (no lip gloss).
  •       STEP 14: Setting Spray (at a distance, spray a few sprays to help with any excess powder)

With the steps and expert tips from Amy Nicole, you will be well equipped with the knowledge to apply natural makeup on beautiful brides, making them happy and glamorous on their wedding day. Chic Studios offers classes that hone in on advanced bridal makeup skills taught by seasoned and well-known instructors in the industry! Want to become the next professional bridal makeup artist? Come take our Chic Studios classes now! We have one of our popular LA Bridal+Business Courses for you to take!