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*Advanced Course — Must Show Proof of Training of 50+ hours or 2 years work experience in makeup.

Chic Studios Los Angeles (LA), School of Makeup is a fashion forward beauty school that offers a wide range of courses for those interested in the career of makeup artistry. We offer courses, classes and workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced level artists. Whether you’re a seasoned artist wanting to enhance and rebuild your skills or someone who has never applied makeup on anyone rather than yourself, we have a course for you.  Our Basic Makeup course is centered on basic techniques, the fundamentals of makeup artistry, foundation matching, proper hygiene and sanitization, color theory and more.  Our Beauty Makeup course teaches techniques such as winged liner, smokey eyes, contouring, day makeup, evening looks with lashes, and more.  We also offer a Digital Beauty Makeup, suitable for anyone looking to build a social following.  This course is the only professional course where the students do makeup on themselves.   Our Bridal and Business course is well rounded with various bridal looks such as traditional, heavy glam, global and natural bridal.  The business section of each class is geared to successful careers including resumes, social media, brand building, pricing, invoicing, marketing to  new clients and more.  Advanced courses offered are Fashion + Runway makeup, TV + Music Video makeup and Airbrush Makeup.

On completion of our Professional and Master Makeup Courses, we help provide our graduates with career advice in our Chic Pro Community and after-care program. Our Chic Pro Community is a network within a private group that connects our graduates from NYC, LA, and all over the world. We not only offer professional gigs with major companies like Sephora and MAC Cosmetics, but access to hiring fairs, networking events, and invitations to exclusive events. Additionally, we hold exclusive monthly events for our grads where they are able to learn from and connect with other professional artists in the industry and receive pro discounts from local makeup boutiques such as NARS Cosmetics, NYX Cosmetics, and MAC Cosmetics.