chic studios then and now 1




Loving makeup, educating myself in artistry, business and the beauty industry (3 trips to NYC, Miami, San Diego, and a move to LA in 2008) 



Move to NYC (insert boyfriend/now husband) didn’t want to start all over again building clients that I spent 12+ months working on



 January, coffee with an old friend (celebrity hairstylist/salon owner in NYC) offered to hire me as a freelance makeup artist, but said, very seriously and clearly ‘You don’t really want to do that, do you? Focus on what you DO want!’ 


2009 (January-March) 

With Husband’s support and rave reviews – Chic Studios School of Makeup started!


2009 (April) 

Test run curriculum, classroom set up


2009 (May)

Official: First Chic Studios makeup class (3 students) second class (2 students) third class (4 students **which was the max with this space) and for the rest of 2009 classes were full.  


2010 (January) 

New: Manhattan, Chic NYC location 



Official:  NYSED licensed



NYC: 2 classrooms, 1500 square feet, 300 students and counting



New: Launched Chic Studios LA



All locations: Launched Content Studio and Chic pro Lab (students access to free space for content) 



New: Launched Chic Studios Denver



2500 Students and counting



Over 150K+ fans and followers on all platforms, focus to grow the community and connect with artists and beauty enthusiasts



Launching an online platform and school for all things beauty education