Amy Nicole

Founder . Entrepreneur . International Makeup Artist 


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The Chic Studios brand was created out of a desire to develop a school that offered professional training, resources and the tools necessary to help makeup artists launch into a successful career. Amy began her career in Canada, refining her knowledge and trade-skills, arriving at advance principles in makeup artistry techniques.

Amy has been a valuable expert in leading beauty events in New York City, Los Angeles, and Canada working with top models and celebrities! Additionally, Amy has lent her expertise to broadcast realms and multiple designer fashion shows. 



About Amy

  1. Born in a small town in Canada, in the middle of nowhere, with some of the coldest winter days! (-40 degrees) 
  2. Has over 60+ first cousins
  3. Moved away for college at 18, first career goal was to be a Paramedic.
  4. After receiving a soccer scholarship, inspiration led me to change college goals and attend Business School.  
  5. Young 20’s Dream – to own a beauty studio to do makeup on clients and celebrities
  6. Young 30’s Dream – to teach makeup to others, open up a school
  7. Passionate about travel
  8. Favorite places traveled:  Barcelona, Italy + London 
  9. Desired places I have yet to see: France, Greece + Africa
  10. Light candles every day
  11. Listen to country music 
  12. Favorite beauty product… skincare! (followed closely by color anything!) 


Getting to Know Amy


1. You’re a mommy… what is the one thing you wished you were prepared for?

I embrace all that comes, it’s not easy at all, the one thing I have learned more than prepared for, is to ask for help.

2. What do you do to find solitude amongst chaos?

Ah, that’s an easy one, girls night, a night out where I can just laugh, catch up with great friends and have a glass of wine (or two).

3. Balance… what does that mean to you?

It means, to me, being able to feel a sense of calmness most days.  I feel imbalanced when I am in a state of constant stress. When that happens, I take a me day – I get a massage or acupuncture and do lunch alone.



4. How much do you have to commit to your passion vs. taking care of family?

I have and continue to commit more physical time to my passion/career. I am with my family laser focused with them on the weekends and evenings. I sleep 7-8 hours a day, I work 8-12+ hours (depending what is in the mix, honestly, sometime more than that, it’s crazy, but I absolutely love every second).

5. How does your your family react to your commitment to work?

They do not know any different, I have always been this way. I love what I do.  I do it for them in some regards as well.



A Chic Timeline


Love for makeup, educating myself in artistry, business and the beauty industry (3 trips to NYC, Miami, San Diego, and eventually moving to LA in 2008) 


Move to NYC (insert boyfriend/now husband), didn’t want to start all over again building clients that I spent 12+ months working on


 January, coffee with an old friend (celebrity hairstylist/salon owner in NYC) offered to hire me as a freelance makeup artist, but said, very seriously and clearly ‘You don’t really want to do that, do you? Focus on what you DO want!’ 

2009, January – March 

With Husband’s support and rave reviews – Chic Studios School of Makeup started!

2009, April

Test run curriculum, classroom set up

2009, May

Official: First Chic Studios makeup class (3 students) second class (2 students) third class (4 students **which was the max with this space) and for the rest of 2009 classes were full.  

2010, January 

New: Manhattan, Chic NYC location 


Official:  NYSED licensed


NYC: 2 classrooms, 1500 square feet, 300 students and counting


New: Launched Chic Studios LA


All locations: Launched Content Studio and Chic pro Lab (students access to free space for content) 


New: Launched Chic Studios Denver


2500 Students and counting


Over 150K+ fans and followers on all platforms, focus to grow the community and connect with artists and beauty enthusiasts


Launching an online platform and school for all things beauty education