Looking For Financing? Here are 11 Ways To Get Financing That You Can Explore

Some creative ideas that may help you in financing your makeup education

  1. GOFUNDME — Get your community involved — if you’re like us, you are probably always on social media.  Why not use this to your advantage? Start a Go Fund Me page and appeal to your biggest fans and supporters.  The best part about Go Fund Me is that ANYONE can donate to your cause. Tell your story and WHY you are so passionate about attending makeup school! You never know who is out there ready to help you!
  2. ASK FAMILY/FRIENDS TO SUPPORT YOUR EDUCATION — Do you have an Uncle or Grandma who would be open to helping you out?  It’s worth an ask to those in your immediate circle of family and friends.  There’s a saying, you have not because you ask not.  The worst they can say is no.  If they can’t help you with money, maybe they would be open to assisting in getting a loan set up?
  3. PAYPAL CREDIT This is a great option as its a line of credit with no fees or interest for 6 months!  For those of you who are needing to build (or re-build credit), this is a great option.  Once you use the account to make a payment for education, you can always call them directly and ask for an increased limit.
  4. IN HOUSE PAYMENT PLANS — (if you have some funds but not all, now) This option is best for those who know they want to attend courses in 1-4 months.  If you have at least 50% of the tuition for the course, we Chic Studios, Finance Appointment can set up a customized payment plan for you so you can attend!
  5. NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS — Have you researched non-profit organizations that give funding for those wishing to learn a trade?  Most of the time there is an application process that may include writing an essay about why they should choose you to support or you might meet with their team in person.  Always put your best foot forward and know your Why! Propel Network is a great non-profit that caters to a woman entering the workforce, with a focus on beauty!
  6. PERSONAL LOAN —  Go to your bank and apply for a personal loan to pay for your education.  Check with your bank to see what their requirements are and set up an appointment with a personal banker– they can walk you through all of your options and help you choose the best loan.
  7. AFFIRM — This is an easy way to start now and pay off your courses in small payments. Chic Courses, use Affirm  Affirm gives people small, instant loans for big purchases.
  8. PLANNING AHEAD — Maybe you can choose a start date that will allow you more time to make smaller payments so you are paid in full by the time your course starts.  You can place your deposit now – which will save your spot and then set up monthly or bi-weekly payments! (Or, set up #2, in-house payment plan 🙂
  9. TUITION REIMBURSEMENT —  There are a lot of companies out there that have tuition reimbursement benefits — do you work for one of them?   Reach out to your HR representative and see what the requirement are, to have your education at Chic Studios meet your companies requirements for reimbursement on education. (Read more below.)

10. STEP-BY-STEP — If you have your heart set on the Master Program, but it’s a little out of your budget, consider taking the course 1 week at a time.  Take Beauty $2295, then return for Bridal + Business, then Professional, then Master.  Our courses are designed so that you can get creative with your schedule if you need to.

11. DO YOUR OWN FUNDRAISER — go old school with it! Garage sale, Bake sale, Car Wash, etc etc!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela

Most powerful…..tell me more 🙂

Education helps you become self-dependent.

MASTERING A PROFESSION expands and unleashes our potential, which results in maximizing it. And, it helps build Confidence, Yes, being educated leads to gaining confidence. Your diploma is proof of your hard-earned knowledge — invest in yourself, you’re a sure thing!