There are approximately 500 reasons why it’s a great time to become an MUA. But we boiled it down to five, for simplicity. If you stumbled upon this blog, and are one of those people pondering the idea of attending a Makeup Artistry School, look into Chic Studios. You won’t be disappointed. We are proud to have an amazing beauty community around us that reminds us why we chose this career path every day.


  1. There is no time like the present to pursue your true passion.

Many of us have felt the pressures to follow a particular career path. In today’s society, it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. What matters, however, is you do what works for you. Not what works for everyone else. The beauty community is full of passionate people who are eager to express their creativity. It might be daunting, but if becoming an MUA is your passion…you will fit right in, beauty!


  1. You can enjoy a flexible schedule.

Let’s face it, the nine to five lifestyle is NOT for everyone. As an MUA, you can often choose your hours and build your own schedule. By accepting appointments privately, you can work around your personal life. And remember, when we are free to carelessly travel again…this will prove to be a HUGE perk.



  1. Building your brand and gaining a reputation can take time…so get started now!

Becoming an MUA, like any career path, requires patience. You have to learn from your instructors, peers and mentors to develop professionalism and skill. As time goes on, you will become more comfortable and confident in your abilities and that will show in how you market yourself. If you get started now, you are one step closer at developing a brand name for yourself!


  1. When the pandemic is really over, people will want their makeup done…like stat.

Remember how many weddings, special events and large gatherings were cancelled due to COVID-19? Well, eventually, the world will roam free again and large events will take place! When the world slowly creeps its way back to “normal,”  the demand for MUAs to work their makeup magic will soar.  It will be the roaring 20’s 2.0. For example, brides-to-be will likely be on extensive waitlists for makeup artists, and you could be one of them!!


  1. This is truly an exciting time for the beauty industry, and you don’t want to miss out.

With makeup tutorials on Youtube, TikToks, Instagram Reels, published blog posts and everything else makeup related on the web…the beauty industry is constantly evolving. It’s an exciting time for a makeup artist because you will never be bored with makeup trends. Last week was soap brows, and who knows what’s next. The best way to be in on makeup trends, is to be right in the middle of the creative process and surrounded by inspiring MUA’s. In other words, strike while the iron is hot!


Five reasons why it’s a great time to become an MUA is far from all the reasons we want to share with you, beauty. If you have any questions regarding a career path in beauty, makeup school, or simply want to have a conversation with someone in the field…reach out to us! Our instagram is @chicstudios <3 Chat soon.