Here at Chic Studios LA, we decided to take a field trip! Our destinations are two of the biggest makeup superstores in LA, Naime’s and Frends! We took students Erika and Evie to get their Pro Membership Cards as part of their graduation gifts, so they each have 20-40% discount on professional and consumer makeup brands! Speaking of brands, let’s dive into it!


Naimie’s Beauty Center

One of professional makeup artist’s favorite beauty emporium, Naimie’s have been around for 27 years providing one of the largest selection (2 stories!) of professional makeup and hair salon products in LA! Ground floor of the building consists of all your professional hairstyling needs, as well as the special effects makeup section/studio services. The Studio Services section is where the students sign up for their Pro Membership cards to get 20-40% discount on top quality professional makeup products in the store! Second floor is the bulk of where the studio beauty products and skin care sections are- it’s like a makeup artists’ playground! This is where our students go on a shopping spree and play around with makeup to see which works for them in their makeup kits! Here are the many brands in Naimie’s.


The Brands

So many brands are here… including:

Bobbi Brown




HUDA Beauty

Lash Pop


Ben Nye

Dinair Airbrush Makeup

Kat Von D



Makeup Forever

For skin care…

Mario Badescu



Skin Authority

Students trying on products…



Frends Beauty

This beauty emporium was built in 1940 and is located 3 minutes away from Naimie’s! Frends is also the largest family-owned business facility filled with high quality makeup brands and hair salon products- best for television and editorial makeup uses! All beauty products and speical effects makeup are going to be on the first floor of the building, while many demos and makeup classes are held upstairs on the second floor.


The Brands

Yet another great variety in brand name makeup products! Here are some of the brands in Frends Beauty.


Makeup Forever


Kevyn Acoin



NYX Cosmetics


Demonstration- Statement Eyes

Our demonstrator/instructor was David Hernandez, who is a makeup educator for Frends Beauty and was a makeup artist for Makeup Forever and applied makeup for celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love! He gave us his valuable insight to the makeup world: makeup is just color and texture, you can create whatever you want no matter how much or how little you have to work with. David memorized the color wheel by heart to know which is the right color for the right tone, which he only use a mixed wax-based colors to achieve multitude of looks. David created a beautiful peacock blue and green smokey eyes for model and student Erika!

Chic students had such a blast going on this field trip and ended up buying great quality makeup for their professional makeup kits, while learning how to achieve dramatic eye looks in the demo! Getting Pro Memberships is part of all programs that we have at Chic Studios. Want to learn and grow as a professional makeup artist (while getting great discounts to professional makeup kits)? Sign up for one of our classes and we’ll help you on your journey as a phenomenal makeup artist!