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Makeup artistry is not for the fainthearted! Breaking into the makeup industry can take years of work but one piece of advice that most people say is to go to makeup school. By enrolling in a makeup school, you have already created a foundation for a fruitful makeup career. Chic Studios, a makeup school in Denver, knows just how crucial time is for enrolled students. All of our students have one thing in common: they love makeup and want to make it their career. Unlike most programs, our Professional Makeup Course is a 4-week program and students will receive certification at the end along with a portfolio photo shoot. We give our students the tools for success so that when they graduate, they’re ready to start working in the professional beauty industry. Here are some of our top lessons that you learn at a professional makeup school in Denver!

 makeup school in denver fundamentals class

The Basics

From the technical to the fundamental, enrolling into Chic Studios makeup school will teach you everything! In the 4 weeks of our Professional Makeup Course, our instructors touch on many subjects like the history of makeup, facial shapes, color theory, hygiene and prepping, defining brows, on set etiquette, and corrective makeup techniques. Yes, you may learn some techniques like perfecting cake liner and applying false lashes on Youtube, but it’s a much more different experience doing it on someone else and learning from our seasoned instructors with more than 10 years in the professional beauty industry. For our more ambitious beauties, we offer our Master Makeup Artistry Program which includes an extra week: Airbrush Makeup and Digital Beauty. Our students are put into rotations every day so that they receive as much practice as possible! Practicing on each other is key because you’ll quickly learn how to work with different skin types, tones, and facial features. By the end of our program, you’ll be comfortable enough to work on any set and with people that you have never met before.  

Business Skills

Along with the fundamentals of makeup, we also teach business skills which are the center of our Bridal Makeup and Beauty Course. Not only are our instructors going over how to create a natural glam look for a bride, but they’re also teaching you the steps on how to gain clients, work with them on their trial day, and go through how to manage your freelancing business. We act out consultations with potential clients, learn how to use certain verbiage, find the right price point for clients, as well as creating a portfolio and website. We’ve taught you the beauty aspect and now it’s time for our students to learn how to market themselves as business savvy makeup artists. Chic Studios has makeup schools in LA and NYC and we’ve helped our students flourish in these cutthroat cities and build contacts through various social groups on Facebook along with our Chic Pro Community. Even though networking is key, we still touch on how to build your business from the ground up so that people can find and connect with you through social media.  

makeup school in denver makeup kit

Build Your Makeup Kit

One of our favorite things about going to a makeup school? Getting to build your professional makeup kit! At our makeup school in Denver, we give our students everything that they need to create gorgeous looks. Included with enrollment is an 18 piece brush set from Real Techniques, skincare set from Bioderma, eyebrow set from Billion Dollar Brows, foundations, palettes, disposables, and hygienic tools like a palette, spatula, hand sanitizer alcohol, and brush cleaner. Our classroom is stocked up with various makeup products from top brands like Inglot, Mac Cosmetics, Nars Cosmetics, Stila, and NYX Cosmetics– just to name a few! We also love to introduce our students to smaller brands as well that they might not have heard of yet. Our classroom is so versatile that our students will be familiar with almost every makeup product out there and more. We also encourage them to add onto their makeup kit and bring in products that they’d love to use in rotations. It provides them great practice to get familiar with whatever they bring into their kit and since they’re in rotations, they’ll be able to see what products work on certain facial shapes and skin types.

Enhance Natural Beauty

We consider makeup to be an art form! Towards the end of our Professional Makeup Course, you’ll be able to look at a client and see how to enhance their natural beauty. Instagram makeup is one thing, but bringing out natural beauty is so much more wearable and pleasing for a client. At a makeup school, we delve into color theory and learn what colors compliment which undertones. Chic Studios even has an exercise where we create a custom foundation using three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. A makeup artist wants their clients to be comfortable and within our 4-week program, our students achieve just that! By working on each other or having the school bring in models, our students have worked on so many faces in a month, that they’re ready for the real world. They know what questions to ask a client when first meeting them and how to make sure they’re happy with the makeup look created by the artist. With makeup, our students also learn how to transform facial shapes and figure out what looks best for them. Not everyone can pull off a sleek jawline and snatched nose from highlight and contour. As our Chic Studios students graduate, they learn what works best for someone with an oval, square, circle, or heart face. They’ve worked with their kit enough to know what products are great for oily skin but not for dry skin, and vice versa.

makeup school in denver business skills

Pro Discounts

And finally, one of the top reasons to go to a makeup school? The endless amount of pro discounts for makeup artists! Our students learn about the perks involved when graduating and becoming certified and once they graduate, we give them a catalog of 30+ top brands where they can sign up for a pro discount. With help from our staff, they learn how much brands discount products for working makeup artists and students. It’s a great way for them to build on their kit and experiment with different products put out by their favorite brands. To find out which top beauty stores have a discount program, read our blog on the History of Beauty Stores in Los Angeles.