Some of us are bitter that summer is over, while many of us are thrilled the season of pumpkin spiced lattes and blanket scarves has arrived. However, ALL of us are ready to splurge on new makeup staples. New season, new must haves! You know the drill.

The instructors at Chic Studios love to discover new products and share their insights with the beauty community! This season has already welcomed new makeup trends, such as the kitten eye and bold lip colors. It’s also the time of year where the weather shifts, skin gets dry, and seeking hydrating products becomes essential! Whether you’re after self care products, or going out must-haves, it’s never a bad idea to see what professional beauty artists recommend.

Let’s get started!


Vintner’s Daughter- Active Botanical Serum

Please don’t underestimate the power of a good face serum. As the dryer season is upon us, take care of that skin! This one is recommended for its nutrient-rich, botanical formula. 

Bite Beauty- Agave Lip Treatment 

Agave is not just for margaritas. It’s also an incredible ingredient to soften and hydrate your lips! Oh, and, this one is vegan 🙂

Billion Dollar Beauty Palette 

Remember when we were OK with a bag loaded to the brim with products – hmmm, not anymore! Light and compact, easy to use, and customized.. HELLO! This fall, create your must-have color palette with Billion Dollar Beauty. 

Danessa Myricks Beauty Vision Flush Blush in “Nutcracker”

When the title of one product is a whole sentence, you know there’s something special about it. That rings true for this product, because it performs as a blush, cream eyeshadow and lip color all in one! Nutcracker gives you a glowing warm undertone, perfect for your fall looks. 

Dior Lip Plumper in “Rosewood”

Dior. Need I say more? But seriously, this lip plumper is everything! It combines hydration with shine, while creating a plumping effect. 

Charlotte Tilbury Setting Spray

We are highlighting products specifically for fall, but let’s face it, the Charlotte Tilbury setting spray is great for all seasons! Anything Charlotte Tilbury, you can’t go wrong.

Fashion Fair Cosmetics Makeup Sticks 

We love a makeup stick that glides onto dewy, hydrated skin. Lately, this one is a favorite! They are luxe and rich in color, and great for the dry air. 

Maybe your online shopping cart at Sephora was already piled high, and we added a few more items to the list! Maybe, you needed some inspiration and product recommendations. However you ended up here, we’re happy you did. Hopefully, you are excited for a new season of inspiration and opportunity to get creative with makeup! If you ever want to reach out, DM us on Instagram, our instructors have a wealth of knowledge about the beauty industry, products, and trends.