1. Set daily goals for studying
  2. Set a detailed timetable:
    • break down your routine into smaller manageable parts with time allocation for reading, watching a video tutorial and writing notes
  3. Create a dedicated study space – Office, dining room table, garage with windows, cafe (with quiet energy)? 
  4. Keep yourself accountable – post on social media that you’re online studying, taking XX course. 
  5. Actively take notes
  6. Join the discussions, and be on time for all video sessions. 
  7. Do one thing at a time – focus on the lesson plan, move into the next steps (practical, video, theory) have a plan for the day. 
  8. Ensure to use a notebook and pen:
  9. Make notes by writing on pen and paper: this helps retaining knowledge better than just typing on a device
  10. Take breaks
  11. Close all browser tabs and windows that are not being used
    • Turn off all notifications from emails and social media
    • Enter full screen for the browser and documents