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Makeup brushes are our best friends when it comes to creating beautiful artwork on faces! But at times, it’s tempted to not clean your brushes (for personal use) because sometimes we don’t have the energy or time to do it in our busy schedules. But as a professional makeup artist, never leave your brushes dirty! So how do we properly clean them? And how often do we have to sanitize our brushes on a daily basis, especially when we have clients coming in every hour?! Don’t worry, we have the answers here! We at Chic Studios provide you with the proper tips on how to clean your brushes (for personal use and for clients). Cleaning makeup brushes is actually one of the most important parts of doing a makeup routine, and its recommended to do it at least every week! Without proper washing and disinfection, it can lead to build up of dirt, oils, bacteria, and residue- that’ll end up making you break out into acne or a rash called dermatitis. No one wants that! It might require some extra concealer usage! So without further ado, here are some effective, proper tips to cleaning your brushes:


Cleaning your brushes is one of the most important parts of being a great makeup artist as it is all about hygiene, being professional and knowledgeable of how to protect your clients from harmful bacteria.

1. When you are finished with each client, you must clean your brushes the following way, to ensure your brushes are not holding harmful bacteria. Here’s how to clean quickly yet hygienically:

2. Lay a paper towel (or clean towel) down and have all dirty brushes separate from clean. Then, spray an area of the paper towel with brush cleaner to wet the area.

3. Spray each brush (on the hairs) with brush cleanser and move brush heads one at a time using figure 8 motions to remove product from the hairs.

4. Spray 70% or higher of alcohol on brushes after all brushes are clean. Do not saturate brushes in alcohol!  Now, they are ready to be used on the next client!


When you have finished a busy day of clients or at the end of a week, you must clean your brushes thoroughly the following way:

1. Lay a paper towel (or clean towel) down.

2. Apply a small amount of soft soap (or shampoo) to each brush. NOTE: One pump of soap will be enough for 6-10 brushes.

3. Under warm water, circle brush hairs in a figure 8 motion to remove all product. NOTE: Be careful not to get the handle wet, as this will damage the handles over time.

4. Once brushes are clean, take an area of the paper towel and do similar figure 8 motions to remove excess water. Then, place on the side of a counter or table to allow brushes to dry naturally. If possible, leave brushes overnight to completely dry.

5. After the brushes are dry, spray with 70% or higher alcohol and brushes are ready for use.

At Chic Studios, we have the expert tips and tricks we can teach you in every class on how to clean brushes properly as well as how to do unlimited techniques of makeup applications (for bridal, editorials, TV, film, and so on)! Is becoming a professional makeup artist on your list of New Years resolutions, or is it one of your passions you want to fulfill in life? You can start following your passion and resolution by enrolling in one or more of our Chic Studios professional makeup classes now!