Everyone wants to have great brows! With brows, they are very important for shaping and framing faces. They are one of the first parts we look at when it comes to how people express themselves. With makeup, we want to make brows a statement and stand out (in a good way)! Want to create sleek and/or bold brows that’ll complement all faces? Our classes in Chic Studios will help you make flawless brow looks for anyone! Here are some universal brow pro tips from us.


Credits by allparenting.com

What’s a Good Brow Shape Frame for You

Everyone’s face shape is different. So how do we know what kind of brows are the most flattering for our faces? Here’s a good tip to know what is a good shape for your face. Start by looking ahead, taking a thin makeup brush and put it vertically on your eye duct and nostril area (pretend there’s an imaginary line on your face running vertically). This is the point where your brow starts. Then take the brush to an angle where you contact the side of the nose and the pupil. That is where the height of the brow arch ideally should be. Finally place the brush to a further angle where you align the side of the nose and the outer corner of the eye. This is where the tail of the eyebrow ends. With these three placements, you’ll be sure to always get the perfect brow frame for every face, and you can make the brows thin or thick!


Credits by ARCH Brows

Prep those Brows

We want to get the brows ready for a glammed up look! As a rule of thumb, use a spoolie brush to comb the hairs for prepping. A pro tip is brush the hairs downward to see where you need to fill in and where the natural line of hair growth is. Then fill in the hair lines and brush them back up to their natural state!


Credits by Billion Dollar Brows


Want a clean brow look? Tweeze the rogue or stray hairs for a groomed look with a clean tweezer. But if you don’t want to tweeze anymore, a good alternative is to use concealer to hide those stray hairs and create a more defined brow! Our recommendation for a great concealer is Billion Dollar Brow’s Concealer Duo Pencil!



Credits by Billion Dollar Brows

Use the Appropriate Tools

You can use just one eyebrow pencil or gel to achieve any brow look. Billion Dollar Brows has a great brow collection, Brow Hero, that has everything you want in achieving a flawless, groomed eyebrow look! This collection includes The Triple Threat-Triangular Brow Pencil, a must-have in our books! If you want a more natural look, a good tip would be to use two pencil colors/gel colors! One color should be the same color as your natural hair, the other should be one or two shades darker. Trace the outer part of the brows first before shading in. Lightly trace the lighter hair strokes where the direction of the hair is growing. Then with the darker shade, follow the same pattern but work it more towards the middle and end parts of the brow. This would create a more dimensional and fuller brow.

Credits by ARCH Brows

Retouch with spoolie

Once you’re finished with creating natural as possible hairs on your brows, use a spoolie brush once again to diffuse and soften lines that look harsh. Comb your eyebrows with it to give the brows a sharp and clean look!


Credits by ARCH Brows

Use brow gel!

Brow gels are crucial to locking your brows in place. Think of it as like a mascara for your eyebrows in that it would create a fuller, dimensional effect. Be sure to comb up the hairs closest to the bridge of your nose first before fanning out to your eyebrow tail. This technique would make your eyes larger and more awake! One of our favorite brow gel to use is ARCH Brow’s Complete Control Brow Gel!


With these tips, you are sure to have foolproof ways to get the perfect eyebrows every time for anyone! We have plenty of upcoming classes designed specifically for learning about the best eyebrow shapes for certain faces, eyebrow applications, and hands-on learning while applying makeup with in-studio models! Interested? Sign up for our professional makeup classes now!