What sets Chic apart from other schools?

Chic is a Licensed school, with qualified, experienced and influential instructors. Also the after-care that is provided post-graduation offering hiring fairs, job postings, networking opportunities and events in the industry.

Which Brands Does Chic Studios Work With?

Chic Studios works with several brands for hiring fairs and brand awareness, and also Chic Studios has incredible brand partners for our makeup kits, classroom supplies and various events. These brands are: Bioderma, MAC Cosmetics, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Real Techniques, Billion Dollar Brows, NYX Cosmetics, Sephora, IMATS, BeautyCon, Phamexpo, Generation Beauty, Indie Beauty, Ultimate Women’s Expo and Make-Up in Action and LAFW are several of the brands.

What Are Some Of The Gigs Or Jobs Chic Studios Has Posted?

Chic Studios offers a private communities for both all graduates. The posts on the Chic Pro Community includes job opportunities that are original, directly from the source. Hiring Fairs with Sephora, Ricky’s NYC, Cosmetic Peeps, NARS and MAC Cosmetics to name a few. Also NYFW and LAFW gigs, TV and Film Opportunities and Job Postings within the top beauty brands. Chic Studios does NOT post anything off sites like craigslist or other companies.

What Are The Steps To Enroll At Chic Studios?

Chic Studios encourages all inquiries to come and take a tour of the school or attend an Open House (see our website, under Event’s). At this time, you can meet with the Admissions Director and have all your questions answered. Alternatively you can call the school or visit our website, via JivoChat, and ask us any questions before you enroll.

There are 3 Steps to Enroll:

  1. Fill out an enrollment application via our website (under ‘Enroll‘) and an Enrollment Agreement.
  2. Submit a Deposit of $250.00 (Professional Makeup, Basic and Advanced Courses)
  3. Confirm you have completed high school transcript, GED or college degree. Once steps 1, 2 & 3 have been submitted, you are considered ‘enrolled’. CHIC requires a copy of one of these documents.

The deposit of $250.00 goes towards the cost of the program.

What Forms Of Payment Does Chic Studios Accept?

Chic Studios accept the following forms of payment: Direct Deposit, Check, PayPal, Cash, Visa, American Express, Discover or MasterCard.

What Is The Chic Pro Community?

The ‘Chic Pro Community’, is a network and community within a private group that is offered exclusively to Chic Studios graduates, offering professional gigs, access to hiring fairs, potential job opportunities, networking events, connection with other artists/graduates, career advice and more.

Who Are The Instructors At Chic Studios?

Chic Studios takes pride in our education and educators. Every instructor has a minimum of 7-years professional experience. All instructors are actively working in the beauty industry. Our instructors are a huge inspiration to their class as they share their experience with opportunities they have had working with celebrities, at fashion shows, on TV and film sets, with agencies, in retail management or on world tours to name a few.

Do I Have To Purchase A Makeup Kit And Brushes If I Have My Own To Bring?

All makeup kits and brush sets are included in the cost of all basic and professional courses. Due to sanitary standards Chic Studios does not allow outside products into the school, or to be added to the makeup kit.

What Brands And Products Are In The Chic Studios Makeup Kit?

Chic Studios makeup kit is supplied with makeup brands MAC Cosmetics, NYX Cosmetics, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Billion Dollar Brows, BH Cosmetics, BIODERMA Skin Care, REAL TECHNIQUES brushes and more! The makeup kit has various products for different techniques and applications such as foundations, concealers, eye shadows, eye liners, lip liners, mascara, setting spray, face powders, bronzing powder, a full-set of professional brushes and much more. The makeup kit is more than enough product for in class as well as post graduation use for jobs and opportunities. The makeup kit is a basic kit and building upon it as time goes on is suggested.

Does Chic Studios Offer A Payment Plan Or Financial Aid?

Yes, Chic Studios offers a payment plan for professional programs. The payment plan is directly through Chic Studios. 50% is due two weeks before the first day of class, with remaining balance due four weeks later (two weeks into class). There is zero interest or fees for a payment plan. Chic Studios does NOT offer Financial Aid. Please contact Chic Studios to set up a payment plan.

Is Chic Studios A Licensed Or Accredited School?

Yes, Chic Studios NYC is a Professional Makeup Artistry School, licensed by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and holds the same requirements for Chic Studios LA. CHIC LA is a licensed beauty business in Santa Monica CA.

What Are The Class Sizes At Chic Studios?

Chic Studios offers class sizes up to 16 students.

What Are The Programs Available At Chic Studios?

Chic Studios offers the following courses:


  • Master Makeup
  • Professional Makeup
  • Beauty Makeup


  • Basic Makeup 101
  • Digital Beauty Influencer (Social Media)
  • Airbrush Makeup + Sunless Tan


  • Fashion + Runway Makeup
  • TV + Music Video Makeup
  • Focus Techniques  *NYC ONLY
  • Bridal Makeup + Business Basics
  • Hairstyling for Makeup *NYC ONLY

**Advanced Course. Must submit previous makeup training of 50+ hours, proof of 2 years work experience at a beauty brand, or graduate from a Chic Studios Professional courses.

What is the difference between the Professional Makeup and Master Course?

Professional Course is 100 total hours, and consists of beauty makeup, advanced techniques, photo shoot and much more. The Master Course is slightly difference in LA or NYC:

  • NYC: 132 total hours and offers Basic Hairstyling and Airbrush Makeup + Sunless Tan.
  • LA: adds 28 hours to the professional course which offers Airbrush Makeup + Sunless Tan and Digital Beauty Course.

What Are The Requirements For Advanced Courses?

Chic Studios requires proof of 50+ hours from another beauty program or 2 years work experience to enroll into any advanced course.

What Does All-Inclusive At Chic Studios Mean?

Chic Studios includes all material, notes, pens, paper, practical space, and supplies for all courses. For all professional and basic makeup courses, a Makeup Kit, brush set and skin care set are included. Also, in several programs a photo shoot is included as well. There are no additional supplies or material needed for any programs at CHIC. For the Airbrush Makeup Course and Basic Hairstyling Course, a suggested list is provided to purchase. This is optional.

Does Chic Studios Offer A Diploma Or Certificate Upon Graduation?

Chic Studios offers a Diploma for completion of the Master Makeup and Professional Makeup Course. For all other courses, students graduate with a Certificate. A certificate and diploma outline the # of hours and the program name.

Are There Evening Courses Available At Chic Studios?

Yes, Chic Studios offers evening hours for many courses, schedule may vary. Master + Professional Course runs Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 6:00pm-10:30pm.

Where Is Chic Studios Located? LA Or NYC

Chic Studios has two locations. Los Angeles and New York City. LA is located in Downtown Los Angeles in the Fashion District. NYC is located in the Financial District, Lower Manhattan, New York City.

Is Housing Available For Students?

Chic Studios works with several partners for housing. We highly recommend AirBnB.com for various price-points, specific locations and ratings. Also, in NYC, Chic Studios NYC has an exclusive partnership with Aloft Hotel group offering preferential rates.

Does Chic Studios Accept International Students?

Chic Studios LA + NYC welcomes and accept international students. No additional documents are needed.

Is There A Dresscode At Chic Studios?

Chic Studios does not have a dress code during school hours, however during the final photo shoot, all black is required. It is encouraged to dress as you would in a professional environment and to come to class each day in the most hygienic manner.

During Class, Do We Work On Models Or Fellow Students?

Models are provided for all instructional demonstrations, and rotations for learning purposes are done on fellow students.

What Do I Bring To My First Day Of Class?

Chic Studios provides all learning material, tools, binders and makeup kits (for most programs). It is the responsibility of the student to bring the following to class: 1 small towel, skin care (your preferred brand), tweezers and a large bag (to carry the makeup kit).

Who Are The Instructors At Chic Studios?

Chic Studios takes pride in our education and educators. Every instructor has a minimum of 7 years professional experience. All instructors are actively working in the beauty industry. Our instructors are a huge inspiration to their class as they share their experience with opportunities they have had working with celebrities, at fashion shows, on TV and film sets, with agencies, in retail management or on world tours to name a few.

Does Chic Studios Help Graduates With Job Placement?

Chic Studios offers The ‘Chic Pro Community’ to each graduate. This community offers a variety of services to the graduates such as; career advice, hiring fairs, freelance opportunities, fashion shows and networking events to name a few. The 『Chic Pro Community’ is offered as a service to successful graduates, but Chic Studios does not guarantee employment or placement.

Chic Studios works with various brands to host events, hiring fairs and generate opportunities for graduates who are eager to work in the beauty industry. Chic Studios does not guarantee any jobs, as this is the responsibility of each artist/graduate. However, Chic Studios does have an open door policy where graduates can have questions answered, discuss career guidance and resume development.

What Jobs Are Available As A Makeup Artist?

Chic Studios graduates will find job opportunities in several different areas of artistry, depending on their interest. If their interest is in the retail environment we offer hiring fairs with brands and businesses such as Sephora, MAC and Bloomingdale’s to name a few. Other graduates enjoy freelancing gigs, such as bridal clients, fashion shows or events.

Another common area of freelancing is working with Photographers, Models or Designers creating print ads, catalogs, fashion magazines, music videos, and/ or fashion shows. Some graduatea will enjoy working with an agency or on-set with actors, musicians on music videos, concert tours, films, television, commercials, reality shows and/or sports or news opportunities.

What Kind Of Money Can I Expect To Make As A Makeup Artist?

The quality of your work and your commitment to excellence are the two main deciding factors, as well as which industry you to work within. The cosmetic retail industry is the entry level for many makeup artists and its wages vary based on experience and brands. Makeup in the bridal industry can vary from $50-150+ per person, depending on experience and location. Makeup with a production company is usually paid on a 「day rate」 basis, and this rate averages between $250-750+ per day for video, print and runway work. On-set artists for film, television, or music videos can vary based on location and overall budget but can start at $250.00+ per day and go up from there based on experience. Chic Studios does not guarantee rates.