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This week has been glamorous and oh so eventful here in NYC! Fashion week has taken over the bustling streets, with looks we’ve never seen before and might never see again. It’s a special time for creatives to come together, expressing their individuality, in a week where anything goes in making the experience vivacious. Models, event coordinators, photographers, DJs, hair stylists, MUAs…

Did someone say MUAs? Make Up Artists might perform most of their magic behind the scenes, but don’t discount their hustle and passion to get them through Fashion Week. We asked our Chic Studios MUA Team what it’s like to work at NYFW, behind the scenes reality and how to take the leap into working at a Fashion Week.

Q: When doing glam, how do you manage tight timelines? Do you have any glam hacks or tricks that help you get the job done faster?

A: Always know the ‘full’ look and  how it needs to be executed for the cohesiveness between models beforehand. This way, you can focus on the ‘features.’ Usually a runway look is not step by step. For example, a graphic liner may be the feature, and then you’d start with hydrated gorgeous skin, and focus on the eye, then add any touches needed, a pop of lip color or mascara, etc. -Amy Nicole

A: It’s very hectic backstage of fashion week so time is precious. What helps me the most is to use only cream/liquids. Start with the skin and finish with the eyes. You  only really need to use powders when it’s absolutely required. By focusing on cream based products first, you save precious time and the models look amazing. That’s what I call  my “express look.”-Isabella

Q: Were there any key glam trends you noticed during this year’s NYFW? If you had to choose, what do you think the “theme” of fashion week this year would be?

A:  Lots of color. Clean skin. Colored eyes -Amy Nicole

A: I noticed there was a lot more glam than I expected. I did makeup for at least 8 designers that wanted a full glam look…wow!. Also, bleached brows and lips were a trend, as models requested this style as well. However, if I had to choose a theme, I would go for the infamous “no makeup, makeup” look. That definitely was the key look this season. -Isabella

Q:  What is your favorite part of NYFW? What makes you most excited when this time of year comes around?

A: The organized chaos (at times just chaos) along with the hustle and bustle of backstage energy. It’s truly a beautiful mess! -Amy Nicole

A: I absolutely love fashion week, I love seeing the results of our hard work. It’s not easy to have a 16 hour day on your feet, doing makeup non stop. But by the end of the day, it’s all worth it once you see all come together on the runway. -Isabella

Thank you to Amy Nicole, Chic Studios Founder and Pro MUA and Isabella Fridman, Chic Studios Ambassador and Pro MUA for giving us a glimpse into your world.

Like Amy Nicole put it, NYFW is a beautiful mess. It’s an opportunity for MUAs of different specialities to express their unmatchable talents. We are proud to see our students, instructors and alumni thrive every year at iconic fashion and beauty events.

With enough hard work, you could land a spot backstage next year too. See you there!

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