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Courtney Miller is a Kelowna-based social media and content marketing coach who can help you reach your target audience and spice up your social. Below, we share just a glimpse of Courtney’s diverse skill set. You don’t want to miss this post, she also shares her best social media tips for our favorite platforms!

Fun Facts About Courtney

  1. She is a lefty
  2. She loves to read and write
  3. Her favorite beverages are wine and cider, hands down!
  4. She loves all things beauty and makeup
  5. She is a devoted dog mom to her fur child, Oliver

We sat down to ask Courtney some burning questions, and we wanted to share them with you….

Why did you pursue this career?

I started my coaching business because I was FED UP of not moving anywhere in the corporate world and had a passion to have my own business. I worked as a Social Media Manager and began to see that there was a whole world of entrepreneurs who wanted to do their social media and content themselves – and had the smarts and know-how to do it. I have always loved teaching and coaching, so becoming a Social Media Coach was a natural fit!

What does your website offer?

Courses, Resources & Workshops 

Courses: All businesses, no matter how big or small, should stay on top of their marketing game. We may think we have it all figured out, but meeting with an experienced consultant makes a huge difference. Thankfully, Courtney offers courses that teach effective marketing strategies so you can differentiate yourself from competitors.

Do you ever sit down to think about what your brand is? Do you find yourself confused as to what brand identity is? And even who your audience is? Courtney will help you navigate this with her “Strong Brand Checklist” course you can find on her blog! Trust me, it’s informative and you can enroll for FREE!

Resources: We know you have heard it before. Social media is continuously evolving and it’s tough to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of various platforms. Courtney makes it a little easier for you. She offers innovative and credible resources on her blog. For example, she explains why Later is her favorite social media scheduler. Never heard of Later? Don’t waste another second, and read her blog post now!

Workshops: Many of us run tight schedules. Especially us business owners and brand ambassadors.  If attending a course is too much of a time commitment for you, Courtney’s workshops are an excellent alternative. By attending a quick 30-minute, one on one Zoom chat, you can unlock a new and improved social media strategy plan. By virtually meeting with Courtney, you can discuss all things social media, marketing and ask content questions about your business!

Oh and it keeps getting better….  We asked….

What are your top social media tips?


  1. Use trending hashtags on your posts
  2. Creating videos with current music trends, viral content and memes will always perform best
  3. Best times to post are Tuesdays at 8:00am, Thursdays 12:00pm, Fridays 5:00am (all EST)


  1. Instagram is community driven! Engage on other accounts posts, engage with hashtags and followers at least 20 mins a day
  2. Share behind the scenes and personal facts about you. People love to see that there’s a human behind the account
  3. Use 30 hashtags on every post
  4. Incorporate video content as much as possible since Instagram favours Reels


  1. Join Facebook Groups relevant to your industry or network
  2. Go Live at least once a week to share your tips
  3. Incorporate Facebook Ads if you sell physical or digital products or programs


  1. Fill out every section on your profile
  2. Connect with people within your industry and network
  3. Engage with others content and tag your connections


  1. Always use long vertical images with clear font and pictures
  2. Pin consistently every day 5-20 times a day
  3. Pinterest loves SEO – use keywords and key phrases in your Pin descriptions
  4. Create Boards that are relevant to your audience’s interests – not yours

Courtney’s Words of Wisdom

Remember that creating content that connects on a personal level with your audience will always get you engagement, build trust and showcase your expertise.

As a female entrepreneur, Courtney is passionate about elevating female business-owner’s ventures to the next level. While she champions female-success, she is eager to help any client looking to improve  their social media and marketing strategy.

Follow Courtney @Courtney.MillerDigital

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