choosing a professional makeup school, makeup artist

Sites like YouTube and Instagram have launched the world of makeup and beauty farther than anyone ever knew it could go. The US beauty industry is expected to market over $126 billion annually by 2019. With numbers like that, there is no better time to dive head first into the competitive field of makeup artistry.

It is important to note that the salary of makeup artists has an extremely wide range. This is a career of skill, and the best trained will be the ones making the most out of their education and receiving the highest pay. At Chic Studios we understand the competitive nature of this industry and all the hard work and dedication it takes to make it to the top.  So, we wanted to dive deep into the real questions when choosing a professional beauty school….

Going to beauty school, where do you begin? Here are just a few things to consider when deciding on which school to attend:

Worthwhile Curriculum

choosing a professional makeup school, makeup artist

The material taught to you will be your best asset. Learning the tricks and tips of the trade is not only essential, it is beneficial to growing your base of clientele and your skill-set. Be sure that the school you choose has an up to date and accurate curriculum. Remember, everyone has different tastes and requirements for their makeup so be sure the school you choose is teaching both classic and in-the-now trends. Chic Studios offers informative classes, like Professional Makeup 101, Beauty Makeup, Fashion + Runway Makeup and even TV + Music Video Makeup. This wide array of material is perfect for ensuring you will leave with a wide knowledge of makeup techniques and be ready for anything thrown at you.

Hands-On Learning

choosing a professional makeup school, makeup artist

While there is so much you can learn from watching videos and reading every beauty blog on the Internet, there is just no comparison to hands-on learning. The most important step beyond understanding the content is being able to deliver with the skills that are expected out of you. Ensure that the school you choose offers ample time for hands-on learning so that you can perfect your technique under the watchful eye of accredited instructors. If you choose to attend Chic Studios, you will be provided with small class sizes taught by knowledgeable professionals who can help you truly understand each step in all processes.


choosing a professional makeup school, makeup artist, certification

It is not easy to go places without proper documentation or verification of your training, and the makeup world is no different. To submit for employment at cosmetic stores a certificate or diploma showcasing the hours you invested is a great addition to your resume and will help with pro card memberships (through various brands).  When you attend Chic Studios, you will receive an industry-recognized certificate upon successful completion. Even more impressive, Chic Studios is a Professional Makeup Artistry School, licensed by the New York State Education Department, which offers a legitimate certificate.

Conclusion: Do TONS of Research and Choose What Is Right for You

Of course, we would love to have you here, but what is most important is that you are provided with all the knowledge needed to advance your career as far as you are willing to go. Chic Studios offers for all students, complimentary wifi, beauty books library, kitchenette, makeup lab (a work space to use for clients or photo shoots) and much more.  Click here for information about enrollment!