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Chic Studios in New York City and Los Angeles is ground zero for brands looking for the best talent coming out of beauty school. And Amy Nicole is the visionary founder that took it upon herself to rewrite the rules of professional makeup education. The Chic Studios curriculum is grounded in providing students the foundation, confidence, and tools to be successful in the constantly evolving beauty industry. She shared with Counter Intelligence her top-ten tips for being a successful at retail.

Top 10 Tips For Success At Retail

  1. Build a great network (when you get into retail those become clients)
  2. Ensure your portfolio is always on point, ready for any interview
  3. Dress the Part at any interview (arrive ready (attire, hair/makeup) as you could work that very day
  4. Arrive early first day and always
  5. Don’t just do what is asked of you, strive to succeed and contribute to the team
  6. Know what you are talking about (if you don’t know all the products at first, pick 10 that you know inside and out and let those be the ones you lead with as you learn the rest quickly)
  7. Wear something you are selling, which adds authenticity – you can say ‘my favorite product right now is our [insert product], which I am wearing’
  8. Up sell – sales is a huge part of the job
  9. Be a team player (work well with others)
  10. Build genuine relationships with your clients (which will keep coming in to see you, buy products and keep sales up)

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