Beauty + Professional Course: Test 1

Beauty + Professional Course

Test 1
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Egyptian widely used cosmetics by the middle of the 1st century. _____________ was used for darkening eyelashes
The Skin is composed of three layers:
The dermis layer is the top layer.
Which type of skin is NOT a skin type: COMBINATION, DRY, OILY, NATURAL, SENSITIVE ?
A cleansing product (freshener and astringent) that removes excess oils and cleanses off residue, while maintaining the skin PH balance is called:
When cleaning dirty brushes, once cleaned, spray ____ % or higher alcohol kills bacteria.
List 2 Examples of what MATERIALS are:
List 2 examples of what TOOLS are:
Eye + Lip Pencils must be _______________ BEFORE every use and spray with alcohol after each use.
List 3 Active Ingredients that can be found in skin care.
What are the 3 primary colors?