New York: Master Certified Makeup

Master Certified Makeup

with Hairstyling + Airbrush

Course Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced
Course Price: $3940
Course Duration: DAY: 4 weeks

Enroll in our Master Certified Makeup course, and set yourself apart from the others in the beauty industry. This is a full-time, hands-on, well-rounded professional course. Including all things to create the career of your dreams. Starting with the fundamentals, hygiene, skin care, tools needed, beauty makeup, evening looks, bridal, social media, business and so much more. Chic Studios is pleased to offer this comprehensive Master Certified Makeup course that covers a multitude of Professional Makeup Artist skills and includes 2 photoshoots to set our students up for success. The first photoshoot with a pro photographer, is part of professional development day, with 1 headshot for professional use. The second photoshoot includes two looks for a working portfolio, with agency models. The Master Certified Makeup course consists of 100 hours of comprehensive classroom experience, as well as out of class professional development, for a total of 110+ hours.

About This Course

This intensive, hands-on makeup course in New York City (NYC) is designed to provide you with everything you need to excel as a professional makeup artist, from beginner and intermediate makeup fundamentals to professional and career promotion. This course includes Beauty Makeup, Bridal Makeup and Business. Professional advanced week: TV and Music Video Makeup, Fashion and Runway Makeup, Digital Beauty and Social Media and a photoshoot. Master Week: Hairstyling, Airbrush Makeup and another photoshoot.

This course includes some priceless aspects for any artist: Mentorship. Career Services. And, a Life long of Learning (meaning you can take any part of this course over again, to brush up on your skills!)

During the fourth week, the airbrush course, there is no kit included, however, one can be purchased for an extra cost $300.

The Master Certified Makeup course consists of 100+ total hours

  • Week 1:  26 hours (30 total hours, with out-of-class work)
  • Week 2: 26 hours (30 total hours, with out-of-class work)
  • Week 3: 22 hours (24 total hours, with out-of-class work)
    Week 4: 26 hours Airbrush + Hairstyling (13 hours each)

Graduates of this course can expect to be prepared to achieve more advanced makeup artistry techniques throughout the course while learning business basics to marry with their makeup artistry career. During this course, there are two ‘tests’  Test 1 – written, passing grade 80%.  Test 2 – practical, during final photoshoot.  These tests are accountability checks, not state exams. Chic Studios supplies everything needed for learning purposes, with the material, tools, supplies, and products, to find success within this makeup course and beyond.

Included In This Course

  • Basic Kit with Brush Set
  • Professional Photoshoots (1 headshot + 2 portfolio looks)
  • Diploma upon successful completion
  • Brand Pro Card Applications (25+ brands) for discounts 20%-40% OFF
  • Access to the Chic Pro Community (a private group for hiring fairs, job postings, networking events and more)
  • Shopping Event 40% OFF MAC Cosmetics + Makeup Forever
  • Airbrush kit is an extra cost (+$300)
  • Mentorship + Career Services

Course Schedule

Day class: Monday to Thursday from 10:00am – 5:00pm



  • History of Makeup Artistry- who, when + what happened, styles + more
  • Hygiene + Prepping Techniques
  • Foundation Testing, Color Matching + Applications
  • Station Setup, Tools, Brushes + Materials (uses/functions)
  • Skin Philosophy, Skin Care Ingredients & Product Knowledge
  • Brow Shaping, Perfection + Defining
  • Step-by-Step Beauty Makeup Applications
  • Day Makeup Notes + Applications
  • Color Theory
  • Liquid Eye Liner Application + Techniques
  • Natural Makeup Applications


  • Bridal Makeup Applications – Global Look
  • Bridal Makeup Applications – Natural Look
  • Bridal Makeup Applications – Traditional Look
  • Bridal Makeup Applications – Heavy Glam Look
  • Social Media Notes + Tips
  • Business: Branding + Marketing
  • Business: Freelance Makeup Artistry
  • Business: Sales + Cosmetic Retailing
  • Business: Bridal Clients + Invoices + More


  • Fashion + Runway Makeup
  • TV + Music Video Makeup
  • Digital Beauty Makeup + Social Media (online)
  • Professional Development (career)
  • Photoshoot (headshot)


  • 28 hours Airbrush (14) + Hairstyling (14)
  • 2 Photoshoots (airbrush beauty with hair + freestyle look of choice)

Chic Photo Shoot

Included in several courses is a professional photo shoot, with a professional photographer, hairstyling, on-set etiquette experience, snacks, beverages, music, access to the content studios for selfies, content creation and more. A well-rounded experience and additional photos for their portfolio to showcase their talent.

Chic Photo Shoot

Pro Card Membership

Pro Card Membership

Upon completion of any Chic Studios course, or class, graduates receive a package with Pro Membership applications, with over 25+ brands. Also graduates receive Frends and Naimes memberships (direct shopping to over 200+ top brands offering discounts between 20% – 50%. The membership process and fee is the responsibility of the applicant.

For all workshops, Photo shoots or Social Media class, there is a $200 non-refundable fee.

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