D’Angelo Thompson


D’angelo Thompson is known for his mastery of beauty and quality aesthetic. He is also one of the Entertainment Industry’s most sought after artisans. Originally from Chicago, D’angelo always dreamed of one day taking the beauty industry by the reins both nationally and internationally, and in the past two decades has done so in a phenomenal way. It is his personal vision to elevate his profession by creating a global beauty.

As a Professional, D’angelo’s expertise extends to beauty, bridal, editorial, commercial, film, TV and private clients. As hair/makeup artist for guests and celebrities on The Wendy Williams Show from 2008–2011, D’angelo earned three Daytime Emmy nominations with a win for “Guest Hair” in 2010. Most importantly, in over two decades, D’angelo has developed a body of work that classifies him in the A-list of beauty professionals.

As an Author, D’angelo’s self-published lifestyle and beauty book, Enhanced Beauty and as an Educator, D’Angelo has been as an instructor at Chic Studios.

Notable Mentions

Brands and Companies:
HBO, Dillard’s, FOX, YES Israel, MTV, Soul Food Music, VH1 Fashion Rocks, Girl Code, Slam Media, HSN, the Food Network to name a few

TV Production:
The Nightly Show, Law and Order, The Tony Awards to name a few.

On camera, Makeup Artist:
Wendy Williams Shows

Agency Represented:
Anyway Mgmt, Tammy Ford, Ford Modeling, Artists at Wilhelmina and currently managed by CD Idea Brokerage.

Carol Channing, John Oliver, Salma Hayek, Wendy Williams, Scarlett Johansson, Bethenny Frankel, Aretha Franklin, Steve Buscemi, Kevin Hart, Regina King, Antonio Sabato Jr. and Terrence Howard to name a few.

Chic Studios – School of Makeup
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