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Kayti Pillor

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Education Director, and Lead Instructor – Kayti Pillor

Meet Chic Studios School of Makeup’s Education Director and Lead Instructor! Celebrity makeup artist Kayti Pillor has over 12 years of refined experience spanning all corners of the makeup industry. Makeup and beauty education has been a lifetime endeavor for her, which still continues today.

Kayti specializes in breathtaking beauty, and her meticulous hand and impeccable blending are paralleled by her warm energy and a laugh that will brighten any room. Some of Kayti’s career highlights include work as a celebrity makeup artist for clients Chrissy Teigen, Loretta Devine, and during Hannibal Burress and Kanye West’s “Yeezus” Tour.

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Beyond Kayti’s artistry, she brings the highest level of professionalism and masterful education to Chic Studios. She has a gift for connecting with each student and every client that sits in her chair, making them feel comfortable and empowered at the same time. She takes pride in leading our team of highly talented beauty education instructors and encouraging students and graduates alike to chase their dreams.

Notable Mentions

Chrissy Teigen, T-pain, Hannibal Burress and talent for Kanye West’s “Yeezus” Tour.

Clarisonic, Lexus, Chevrolet, Sports Illustrated

Access Hollywood, Good Day LA, The Eric Andre Show


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