Denver: Beauty and Bridal Makeup + Business/Social Media

Beauty and Bridal Makeup + Business/Social Media

This course is for you!

Course Level: Beginners – Intermediate
Course Price: $995
Course Duration: 3 Days (Friday – Sunday)

This Beauty + Bridal Makeup and Business/Social Media Course is the perfect course if you are starting your makeup journey, or looking to brush up on your current skills. If you want to become a pro makeup artist in bridal, freelance, retail, or with a brand, this course is for you. Do you want to create beauty content, become an influencer? This course is for you!

About This Course

This course covers a multitude of fundamental makeup techniques, to help set you apart from other artists. This course consists of 22 total hours of comprehensive hands-on learning, classroom experience with makeup applications, and practical theory.

Included In This Course

  • Basic Kit with Tote bag
  • Brush Set
  • Brows + Skin Care Products
  • Photo Shoot
  • After-Care with Chic Pro Community
  • Certificate upon successful completion

Course Schedule

Day class: Friday 12pm-6pm OR 2pm-8pm, Saturday + Sunday from 9:30am – 5:30pm


  • History of Makeup Artistry- who, when + what happened, styles + more
  • Hygiene + Prepping Techniques
  • Foundation Testing, Color Matching + Applications
  • Station Setup, Tools, Brushes + Materials (uses/functions)
  • Skin Philosophy, Skin Care Ingredients & Product Knowledge
  • Brow Shaping, Perfection + Defining
  • Step-by-Step Beauty Makeup Applications
  • Day Makeup Notes + Applications
  • Evening Makeup Applications
  • Red Lips notes, application + perfecting techniques
  • False Lash Applications
  • Smokey Eyes
  • Highlighting + Contouring Techniques
  • Liquid Eye Liner Application + Techniques
  • Bridal Makeup Applications
  • Business and Social Media Notes + MORE!

Pro Card Membership

With over 25+ brands

Upon completion of any Chic Studios course, or class, graduates receive a package with Pro Membership applications, with over 25+ brands. Also graduates receive Frends and Naimes memberships (direct shopping to over 200+ top brands offering discounts between 20% – 50%. The membership process and fee is the responsibility of the applicant.

For all workshops, Photo shoots or Social Media class, there is a $200 non-refundable fee.

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