Christina Vega

Christina Vega


Christina has been a makeup artist for over 10 years, and is a Brooklyn native who stumbled upon the beauty industry after a deep love for color and creation in the arts. Christina switched her paint brushes for makeup brushes in 2008 after obtaining her beautician license. After securing a job at Sephora as a makeup artist, Christina quickly become the face of the Personal Beauty Advisor campaign, followed by a Senior Artist with the company.

Christina has taken the social media world by storm as a leading beauty influencer partnering with brands like Palmers, DevaCurl, and BounceCurl. She brings her wealth of experience to the Digital Beauty Influencer course at Chic Studios.

Christina loves to give back. Christina has done countless makeovers to raise money for charitable organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, and Light the Night to name a few.

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