On March 8th we celebrate International Women’s Day, with women and men alike using the day as an opportunity to reflect upon the incredible achievements of women, and to celebrate the incredible progress made to advance women’s equality.

Recognising the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of all women around the world, we are honoured and blessed to share this day with so many inspiring, strong, supportive females here at Chic Studios, and none more inspiring than our founder, Amy Nicole. Creating her own career and going against traditions, she dreamed big and it certainly shows. Now a leading expert in beauty and makeup artistry and founder of Chic Studios, we sat down to celebrate over a cocktail or two and asked Amy what International Women’s Day means to her.



Q. So Amy, cheers! We’re here today to celebrate and with International Women’s Day on the horizon, we wanted to know what does the day mean to you?

A. For me it’s about honouring all the incredible women from around the world as wonderful human beings.


Q: When you started out as a female entrepreneur, did you ever face any obstacles?

A: I started my beauty career in 2002 and at that time, being a ‘makeup artist’ wasn’t a ‘real’ career – I recall my mom saying ‘is that a real job’ with love of course, wishing me the best, but it wasn’t traditional.


Q: That must have been tough, so how did you go about breaking down the barriers?

A: I followed my passion every step of the way in my career back then and still do. I created my own ‘job’ and built my own career.



Q: Have you come up against any challenges or threats in the industry?

A: The challenges are different at different times, sometimes it’s staff or people, other times it’s a global pandemic or travel restrictions.


Q: And we can see how that would vary! In general, how do you address these?

A: I have learned a lot over the years. I deal with only what’s right in front of me .


Q: Think back to the beginning of your career, what advice do you have for today’s inspiring female entrepreneurs?

A: Find something you love, that makes you smile, and feel good. Then, make a career out of it. And always trust your gut instincts!


Q: In your everyday, how do you empower female entrepreneurs?

A: I do the work. If I am talking about something, I have done it. If I am teaching something I have done it and put the time into learning everything I can. I believe in mentorship and helping others, so I will keep doing that.


Q: And finally, what changes do you strive for in the beauty and make up artistry industry?

A: I want to inspire successful careers. I want to see our graduates thrive and reach every goal they aspire to. During my career I want to create a community, a platform for all things beauty – imagine connecting the world through like-mindedness in beauty.



Thanks for catching up with us Amy – Happy International Womens Day! Let’s celebrate our, and each others strengths and achievements, today and always.

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