Aside from making us glow and radiate, there are many reasons why we cherish makeup as much as we do. It makes us happy. But why? 


Perhaps it’s certain products that enhance our skin, kickstarting our day so we feel confident and ready to take on the world. Maybe it’s simply the routine of applying beauty products, or the satisfaction of glamming up before work or a night out that brings us joy. The point is, women experience more positive emotions when wearing makeup. What a great industry to work in, that we can improve the moods of our clients and community! 


Wearing makeup might not be a complete miracle for a bad day. However, knowing it does make the average person happier is a pretty powerful statistic. Let’s dive in to discover some of the products that make our beauty ambassadors and Chic Studios instructors a little more cheerful.



Products that make us happy:


For Jasleen, one of our Chic Studios team members, the Badgal Bang! Mascara by Benefit brightens up her day. It does an excellent job at creating volume for lashes starting from the first coat. If you’re looking for a product to lift your lashes and your mood, try this one out.


2. Highlighter

Chic Studios founder Amy Nicole says highlighters add that layer of cheerfulness to a makeup routine. She recommends one that is not too shimmery, but has a beautiful glow, such as the Dior highlighters.

3. Red Lipstick

Tanaya Johnson, Chic Studios instructor, says red lipstick or lip gloss is her ultimate pick me up! Perhaps you have heard of the lipstick effect? Essentially, the ‘lipstick effect’ is a known psychological phenomenon in which wearing makeup can give individuals a confidence boost. That’s enough to conclude that lipstick is an essential step for the beauty routine!


When we spoke to our brand ambassadors, they shared a few additional insights.


Giovanna Visnardi, Chic Brand Ambassador 

For Giovanna, eyeliner and lipstick make her feel beautiful and confident. It’s the vibrance and colors of makeup that bring joy, demonstrate personality and deliver a message. Playing with textures and forms to build a look is artistic, and allows MUAs to showcase their talent. In the words of Giovanna, art always uplifts our spirit. 

TikTok tutorials and Reels on Instagram are great resources to spread the joy of makeup and gain new tips! Giovanna recommends checking out Mei Pang for creativity and out-of-the-box looks. Celine Bernaert offers a French Touch of Makeup. Lastly, she speaks about two of her favorite Brazilian artists, Rayza Bezerra and Angélica Silva. These artists are changing the makeup game and giving them a follow on Insta might just boost your spirits. 


Camilla Zanchetta, Chic Brand Ambassador

A good foundation, a radiating blush and intense mascara are Camilla Zanchetta’s must have products. When it comes to skincare, she chooses an illuminating moisturizer to give light to the face. Ofcourse, she never forgets to apply a good sunscreen to protect her skin. The way Camilla describes happiness in the form of makeup is treating beauty products as a fundamental accessory. She’s used to matching clothes with her makeup more than jewelry itself, fancy that!

Camilla watches tutorial videos on Youtube by mainly Italian MUAs. By observing the various ways of applying makeup, she learns new techniques to become a better artist. Plus, watching YT tutorials can even be relaxing.

Camilla says “…makeup for a woman is like a jewel that can enhance and express itself through the art of makeup,” and we couldn’t agree more!


Isabella Fridman, Chic Brand Ambassador

Like many MUAs, Isabella goes crazy for skincare. She emphasizes that it’s the most essential step for anyone who applies makeup. While Isabella loves skincare, it’s normally not until she’s finished her look that she feels fully empowered. By empowered, Isabella means she can do anything life throws her way! Isn’t that cool, that makeup can do that?

Isabella’s favorite products…

  1. Take the day off, Clinique 
  2. The hydrating infused emulsion, la mer
  3. Moisturizing cream, la mer
  4. Mineral 89, Vichy
  5. Retinol cream, nourishmax 
  6. Eye cream, nourishmax

Isabella finds creating tutorials rather than watching them lifts her mood. However, she loves to watch Christen Dominique’s tutorials. Check them out here


Overall, makeup makes Isabella feel prettier, fancier and simply just different from our everyday selves. She adores the way a finished makeup and hair look makes her feel, and at Chic, we can relate!

There is proof that makeup does, infact, lift our moods. As our instructors and ambassadors sat down and shared their thoughts on the power of makeup, we were reminded of this incredible industry that we thrive in. Creating a beautiful makeup look is one thing, but feeling like a better version of yourself as a result is even better!

Hopefully, gaining this information made you a tad bit more cheerful, too 😉