There is no better way to start November than with Job Action Day. What does this day celebrate, you may ask? Well, today we recognize and empower those who dream of having a job they love. The kind of job that even on the hard days, you’re truly happy to be there.



Maybe some of you reading this are pondering the idea of breaking into the beauty and makeup industry. For you, and anyone who comes across this blog, we’d like to highlight the story of Amy Nicole, founder of Chic Studios. She is an example of someone who has built a career in an industry she loves, and her success demonstrates that passion.



Born and raised in Canada, Amy realized her passion for makeup artistry after high school. Her educational journey began with marketing, business and professional makeup artistry (MUA) courses in various cities (NYC, Miami, and San Diego to name a few). While hustling as a student, Amy worked two jobs to pay the bills. Eventually, she took a leap of faith and found herself in Los Angeles in 2008 to further her career as an MUA. Amy achieved this by receiving an O-1 Visa, which is granted to outstanding artists in their field of work.

By creating strong client connections in the industry and grinding as a new found entrepreneur, becoming a freelancer, and pro artist, Amy decided to move to New York City a year later. In NYC, she took her expertise and connections to the next level, and Chic Studios was born.

Amy Nicole focused on what she wanted to do. With dedication and support, Amy watched Chic Studios grow as she cheered on successful MUA’s who graduated from her program. Today, Chic Studios has three locations: LA, NYC, and Denver, along with virtual classes. The studio continues to break down barriers in the beauty industry and hosts a community of talented artists and experts.



Amy’s success story comes with ups and downs, but what’s key in her journey was her dedication in following her sincere passion as a makeup artist. Below, Amy shares a few of her secrets to success, and 5 tips on how you can celebrate Job Action Day.

  1. When you have a moment of time to think about what you enjoy doing (a hobby or activity)  – what is it that you’re doing? What are you passionate about?  This might be a starting point to explore a passion. Is doing your makeup or your best friends look the highlight of your day? Do you find yourself in the rabbit hole of  youtube makeup tutorials? Think about what you truly enjoy doing during your down-time, and lean into that.
  2. Ask your closest friends and family – what do they see when they picture your ideal career? You don’t have to jump right in, but asking someone who knows you closely can provide clarity, and perhaps, confirmation.
  3. Search online for schools, colleges or community courses in your area for programs that interest you. Once you browse through curriculums and courses you feel excited about, you will know you’re in the right place. 
  4. Look for scholarships at colleges, this might prompt education in ways you  feel a setback. We understand education can be expensive, but don’t cancel out any options until you look into financial assistance programs. 
  5. By referring to tip #1, you can browse trade schools or workshops in the areas of whatever you love! Not all strong educational courses belong at large institutions, so try to research as much as you can to find potential courses that work for you.


Although Chic Studios is a beauty and makeup school, we want to remind you, Job Action Day is about striving for a career in what you love. You don’t need to know with certainty what that is at this very moment. The key is, start thinking about it now, and as time progresses, your unique passion and interests will become more clear. If Chic Studios interests you, but you have any questions, reach out to us! We are happy to walk you through what a day in the life at Chic Studios as a student looks like.

Happy Job Action Day. Remember, you do you!