If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you want to become a Pro Makeup Artist (MUA). Chic Studios will provide you with the toolkit, network, and knowledge to kickstart a career as a makeup artist. We do more than that though, we are here to inspire you, AND so you can learn from the best in the biz! 

How do you excel in this career journey, you might ask? 

Below are the 9 Habits of a Chic Studios Instructors!

Advice from Amy Nicole, Director/Founder


Hygiene 101: Hygiene is important always, but especially now. You want everyone who walks into your working space to feel at ease when it comes to cleanliness and sanitization. Make sure you have a clean station set up, hand sanitizer, washed hands, and all the necessary supplies on hand! When applicable, wear a mask. Hygiene may not be the most exciting topic as an MUA, but it’s vital you are well versed in cleanliness procedures.

Keeping it to Yourself: You want to maintain professional relationships with the people you work with and around. Of course, we have fun in the studio and share laughs, but when it comes to gossip and chatter… keep it to yourself! Word travels fast in any industry, and the key to maintaining professionalism is respecting everyone’s privacy.

Advice from Jasleen, Office Manager

Ask your client questions: This seems obvious. But the more you know about the client, the better glam you can give them. Ask questions they may not think to bring up, such as skin irritations, and sensitivity concerns. You want your client to feel fully comfortable in your seat, so ensure the products you use complement each individual.

Pack a variety of brushes: Is there such a thing as overprepared? Angle brushes, different sizes of blending brushes, round brushes… all the brushes! Who knows what might inspire you, so be equipped!

Taking before and after photos: As MUA’s, we work hard. We let our creativity shine through and deserve to show that with the world! Don’t miss an opportunity to showcase your talent. Take photos. Post photos. Show your work! (disclosure, this is dependent on the project – if you are working with a celebrity or on-set, ask first! The worst thing is they’ll say no)

Advice from Tanaya, Lead Instructor

Follow Up & Organization: While being an artist is all about creativity and mastering beautiful looks for our clients, we don’t touch on the administrative aspects as much. If you become a freelance MUA, you better stay organized with schedules, client bookings, follow ups, and contracts. I recommend using helpful booking apps to manage; Personally, I love GlossGenius and have been using it for years.

Find Your Unique Makeup Style: Nowadays, thanks to the wonderful world of social media, everyone is a makeup artist! Remaining relevant, unique, and standing out from the crowd should be top of mind for an artist. I always ask students what they want to be known for. What kinds of things stand out in your artistry; is it your eyeshadow work, your focus on skin, or your ability to create fashion forward looks. Be okay with the fact that this may take time to discover; but once you get it, stick to it!

Practice, Practice: After 15 years as a makeup artist, I constantly seek ways of sharpening my skills and artistry. I look for opportunities to take master classes from some of my favorite makeup artists. If you search, you’d be surprised how many of these classes are free or of minimal cost. Those classes have allowed me to develop and advance my skill set and professional toolkit.

Be Open to Feedback: Feedback helps you grow not only as an artist, but as a person, too. I see opportunities as a beneficial chance to receive feedback about my work. Take a moment to send photos of your work to other artists and support each other in offering feedback and tips. Ask for their honest opinion, and ways that you can potentially improve and elevate the look! The beauty community is here to build you up and watch you grow!

While we only included 9 habits there is a plethora of skills that are shared in the classroom. At Chic, we observe the habits of successful MUA’s and understand what it takes to succeed in this industry. Hopefully, you gained a snippet of key habits from this article. Check out @ChicStudios on IG or our website www.ChicStudiosMakeup.com to learn more!