First of all, let’s acknowledge that we’ve officially surpassed a year of living in a “Covid” world. We’ve experienced our ups and downs. We’ve experienced  moments of weakness and moments of courage in both our personal and professional lives. Covid tested us, but when it’s all said and done, we will come out stronger. So, what does it look like being a makeup artist post-Covid? Below, we outline three key skills you have gained from Covid that can be  leveraged as a Pro Makeup Artist #MUA.



  1. Digitally Focused

This past year, we’ve had no choice but to use technology to our advantage. It’s allowed us to see our friends, loved ones, families… and of course, do business. We are now more digitally aligned. Any MUA can benefit from creating a TikTok, Instagram Reel or facilitating a virtual makeup tutorial. The beauty community stretches across the world, so it’s truly amazing that we can collaborate and share our knowledge by picking up our phones. Here are some ways we can leverage our digital skills as an MUA:



Showcase one of your looks by organizing a Zoom event.

Even when we can all come together in person, it’s smart to involve more beauty enthusiasts by making your tutorial live. 


Use social media to understand your audience

During Covid, we have connected with people via social media more than ever. In some cases, we have built connections and met people on social media! Post-Covid, continue to build connections and be digital plugged in. The beauty community is huge, get to know your audience!


  1. Cleanliness and Sanitization

The Covid vaccine will make us feel more protected, undoubtedly, but this doesn’t mean you should give up on your sanitization routine. At Chic Studios, we take cleanliness and sanitization procedures very seriously. We want our students, visitors and instructors to feel safe in a Covid AND post-Covid world. Cleanliness is an essential skill for MUAs and we all had to increase our safety measures this past year. Continue to keep your station extra clean, it makes your workplace more welcoming for everyone!


  1. Creativity and Innovation

With all the spare time Covid brought us, we were forced to use our creativity and innovation for entertainment. Luckily, this is what MUAs are good at! We love to exercise creativity, but sometimes we need a reset. If Covid allowed you to refocus and play around with different techniques, don’t lose that fire! In a post-Covid world, take time for yourself to constantly evolve and further your skill set as an MUA.



At Chic Studios we have several courses, our most common course is Master Certified Makeup Course, 120 hours and it’s packed with every element of artistry, business, social media and maximizes you as a pro artist.  Also, our Digital Beauty online course (2 hours) is a must. Enroll today into any course and use code: 100chic for $100 off any course. Happy learning!