Did you ever think that social media in the beauty industry would boom into a $532 billion industry? With so many niche markets, social media is an essential tool to help propel your skills as a professional makeup artist. Not only is it the best way to showcase your brand, but it’s also the least expensive. 

The rise of beauty Vloggers on Instagram continues to change the way consumers find new products and engage with beauty brands. When Vloggers share YouTube tutorials, post and discuss their favorite highlighter and go-to application techniques on Instagram, consumers become increasingly engaged!


Here are 5 Social Media Must Know’s (and Do’s!)  to increase your social media presence: 

  1. Choose the right platform
  2. Reviews are key to you
  3. Be consistent
  4. Hashtags are your friend
  5. Collaboration, network & connect


Social media has algorithms that can be overwhelming, but the most important thing to consider is: what does your target audience want, how do you message them, how should you engage, and what are your overall goals? For example, as an airbrush makeup artist, you want to showcase before and after photos, or you can do a poll and see what your followers want to see.



Choose the right platform

With so many social media platforms available, make sure you select the best one to showcase your work. Also, it’s important to have your name attached to every platform (otherwise someone can take your name and post, and you don’t want your followers confused with the messaging coming from your pages and someone with the same name.) Instagram is best for short-form content while still remaining visually appealing, while a platform such as Twitter is great for quotes or affirmations to engage with your followers and have them retweet.

Another popular platform is TikTok for run videos about your glam or beauty looks. Also, Pinterest is a simple but effective way to help you increase awareness through posting images of your work.  Seeing makeup is so visual, Pinterest and Instagram are great for that.  Now that you are on all platforms with your brand name, it’s time for these next tips.


Reviews are key

Online reviews are like “word of mouth,” and you can’t have too many! Having a 5-star rating builds your credibility and trust us when we say, people read these! Ask your clients, colleagues, or simply anyone you have done work with to write what they liked about working with you on a Google, Yelp or Facebook review.

Keep in mind that not everyone will leave 5 stars, but that’s ok! Remember to respond in a professional manner, so others can see you genuinely care..that’s the key to improvement! 


Be consistent

This one is so important. Consistency is key! Growing your followers is all about posting regularly, engaging with your followers and posting what they like (1-2 times per day, leaving value in each post is our suggestion). Stories are a great way to be active, and you don’t have to over think your posts – what are you doing today with makeup…post that, or take us on a BTS (behind the scenes) journey of your day!

Don’t stress about the number of followers you have, that number will grow with increased consistency! Do NOT buy followers, that’s just lame! It takes time and forces you to put in the work, but you’ll get there.


Hashtags are your friend

Want to be discovered easily? Don’t forget the #hashtags! Include hashtags in your posts, videos and stories. The secret sauce to this is:

Use 20-30 hashtags in each post that have the following mix is best practice:

1-5 Brand specific (ex: #chicstudios)

1-3 500K+ uses (ex: #makeupschool)

1-3 100-500K uses (ex: #makeupartistlife)

5-10 10-100K uses (ex: #makeupschoolNYC)

5-10     niche specific to your brand audience (ex: #beautyjunkie)


Collaboration, Network & Connect

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! Building connections with creatives such as hairstylists, models and photographers will grant you better exposure and give you a professional network that will last a lifetime. Collaborating with other artists builds your business or brand and gives you content to use for marketing. This is a great way to demonstrate your talent and encourages others to reach out to you for new projects.


At Chic Studios we offer photo shoots in our courses and go into detail with social media in our Online Digital Beauty Social Media Course (DBI) and our Master Certified Makeup Course includes the DBI course along with 3 photoshoots, hairstyling, airbrush makeup, basic beauty business course, and so much more.  Become a Pro Makeup Artist at Chic Studios.