Remove friendships that don’t lift you up & remove doubt! 

Get those zzzz’s (sleep is key)

Hydrate! (drink water)

Read those books!

Find passion in your career and through education!


Maybe you feel flustered. You know you want to IMPROVE, but you don’t know what to write down on paper. That’s fair! Don’t be discouraged. Your 2021 goals don’t need to be daunting and seem out of reach. You can start small…and make “little” improvements leading to a BIG difference.

The Chic Studios team wants to help you succeed this year! To spark inspiration, we noted some feasible, simple goals that will help you move mountains. Don’t hesitate to jot them down in your notebook and make yourself accountable! Like we said, “little” goals can make a BIG difference.


 1. Remove friendships that don’t lift you up!

It might be hard, but it simply isn’t worth it to hold onto friendships that do not serve you! Surrounding yourself with positivity and like-minded people is essential for achieving your goals.

 2. Remove doubt! (You can do anything you set your mind to!)

You really can do anything you set your mind to, so REFUSE to believe anything different. Doubt should never get in the way of following your dreams and achieving your goals. Believe in yourself, YOU got this!




 3. Sleep & drink water! (8+ for both!)

If you don’t put your health first, everything else starts to crumble. Don’t forget the value of a good night’s rest and drinking water! We have to need to take care of ourselves before we take care of anything else!

4. Find passion in your career! Lean into education

Don’t sell yourself short. You deserve to be fulfilled in both your personal life and your professional life. What makes you truly happy? Can you make a career out of it? What is stopping you? Finding passion in your career is obtainable! Chase after your dreams.

5.  Read MORE about what you’re passionate about

Take time out of your day, say 15 to 30 minutes before you go to sleep to indulge in a book of your liking! Think about what gets you excited and educate yourself on this topic! There is a wealth of knowledge out there…capitalize on it.



You can never be too smart or learn and know too much… so run with it.  Educate yourself around your passion. Are you passionate about real estate? Take a course.  Does becoming a Makeup Artist excite you?  If so, contact us at @ChicStudios and join the Chic Pro Community of like-minded peers who are educating themselves as makeup artists.

There are endless goals you can jot down in your notebook. Think of these 5 as a soft starting point! 2021 can be a year filled with whatever you want it to!