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Are you trying to get noticed, boost sales and find new clients… Social Media can help!


If done productively, social media could be the most useful platform for makeup artists and freelancers to promote their work across the world! Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube are just a few.  Though anyone who’s done it, and found success will agree, the start will be challenging. You must trust the process but most importantly, you must be consistent! 


We are always researching facts and getting to know the latest algorithms on our favorite platforms or apps, so we can share our knowledge with you. 


Here are some practical tactics to boost your social media reach. Let’s get started!




Social media provides an opportunity for makeup artists to showcase their work for different brands. Follow the tips below:

  1. Be unique and give your followers a reason to follow you.

  2. Use suitable hashtags. This is one of the fundamental algorithms to increase your reach on social media.

  3. Build a network by commenting on different artists’ posts. You can also give shoutouts to people with more significant followers. In other words, embrace the makeup community!




Building a relationship between yourself,  as a hairstylist, and your followers is essential. Let’s face it, just giving a blowout is not your only job. You must know how to grab people’s attention. Let’s have a look at some social media marketing tips:

  1. Win followers on Instagram by sharing your latest work because pictures depict everything, and don’t forget to use the trending hashtag! (check out our freebie coming soon on #hashtags)

  2. Share every article related to your business on Twitter.

  3. Always stay updated on social media platforms, I would recommend creating a social media schedule!




If you want to excel in your freelancing business, you must capitalize on social media platforms. Check out the following points to engage your audience:

  1. You can use several social media platforms to boost your business, such as LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, TIKTOK and many more. Consider creating an ad on Instagram or boosting a post on Facebook. 
  2. Collaborate with other artists. This is free and you’re both promoting your name and brand.
  3. Consider a Giveaway to get eyes on your business profile or social media. 
  4. Ask questions, again, free. Use Instagram to get to know your followers, ask what they want from you, what they like, etc. Instagram stories using polls are an excellent way to gain feedback from followers. 


Social media is there to help you boost your career as a freelancer, makeup artist, hair or stylist, so don’t miss out!  It’s entirely up to you on how you attract your followers.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can elevate your business!


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