Ciara Burgos and Aleah Alvarado


At Chic, we are proud to train and learn from some of the best in the business.  Education is such a key element to true success, and we have seen our 3000+ graduates go on to do incredible things in the beauty industry (humble brag!). We are so proud to put a spotlight on two of our beloved Chic Graduates!  Both artists and boss babes are carving out their own lane in beauty one beautiful step at a time! 


Ciara Burgos


5 fun facts about Ciara!

  • I have a three-year-old son
  • Born and raised in Connecticut
  • I am an Aquarius
  • My favorite way to play with makeup is to incorporate bold colors into a look
  • I am 5’8


Looks by Ciara


Make up looks


Advice from Ciara 

“Stay true to who you are as a creative! Times change and so will trends, but make sure everything you do has some YOU in it, people will recognize that and connect to it.”


Follow her on Instagram! @faceyourbeautyMUA 

Aleah Alvarado


5 fun facts about Aleah!

  • I started playing with my mom’s lipsticks at the age of two
  • I will never forget the feeling of seeing my work and brand, Haviic Cosmetics, featured in an iconic digital billboard in Times Square
  • I love experimenting with special fx makeup any chance I can
  • Haviic Cosmetics was the official Makeup Sponsor for Paris City Fashion Week 2019
  • My work and/or brand have been featured in over 15 issues of print publications


Looks by Aleah



Advice from Aleah

“Be Bold. Be Confident. Be You.”


Follow Aleah on Instagram! @haviic_cosmetics

Also, check out her brand Haviic Cosmetics @ www.haviiccosmetics.com and Facebook: www.facebook.com/haviiccosmetics/