3 Chic Brand Favorites!

Hello Chic Beauties! In this year of 2020, we have found ourselves loving these three brands! Bioderma, JOAH Beauty and Billion Dollar Brows. We have their products included in our makeup kits, which are given to our students in class. These product have superior and rich quality. We want to make sure our students are not only learning new makeup skills, they are also using the best products to learn with!



Bioderma is a worldwide available skin care brand! They have an expertise in skin biology! This skin care brand is loved by SO many, especially by Chic Studios! From their Micellar Waters to their Moisturizers, they have something for you! Bioderma has a range of products specific to your skin’s needs. This year has been all about skin care! We have seen so many influencers in the beauty industry talk very highly about Bioderma. This is another reason we love them so much. Its because their skin care is amazing! We have been working with Bioderma for a while and are always excited for our students to use them in their kits! 

Fun Facts:

-Bioderma Labs are a privately owned French pharmaceutical company that specializes in medications for hair/scalp, as well as pediatry and cell regeneration.

-Founded in 1977

-Headquarters: France

JOAH Beauty:

Joah is the Korean word for “I like it!” and they are RIGHT! We LOVE, LOVE Joah Beauty! They range all across the board with all kinds of K-beauty products. You can find foundations, mascaras, concealers, brushes, and more! The Korean philosophy respects skin first! JOAH beauty is also an affordable beauty brand that offers superior quality and have been the first to bring the Korean philosophy into cosmetics, making it K-beauty! We have been enjoying everything that JOAH beauty has to offer! You can find one of JOAH’s gem products in your makeup kit when you enroll in a course with us!

Fun Facts!

-Distributed in over 4,000 CVS stores

-FIRST full range k-beauty inspired cosmetic line

-Manufactured by the biggest manufacturer: KISS Products

Billion Dollar Brows:

Billion Dollar Brows are a cruelty free brand that was established in 2004! As we all know, perfecting the art of our brows can be challenging! Billion Dollar Brows makes it easy for us to perfect the art with a simple approach. They provide affordable, rich formulas with neutral colors for your everyday brows! Brow pencils, pomade, powders, etc! They have it all! Not only do they specialize in eye brow products, they also provide charcoal infused, vegan makeup brushes! Something we appreciated from them this year was their launch of their Aloe Infused Hand Sanitizer! It is something we all need, and we are so happy that we are able to provide it to our students. We absolutely love their products!

Fun Facts!

-Created by former television producer: Natalie Plain

-Brand influenced by the “image-obsessed” Hollywood!

-Founded in 2004 in Los Angeles