Feeling a little hum-drum about your morning routine? Check out the morning routines of these successful females for inspiration to create a boss Babe routine of your own! Read these amazing ladies go-to’s and how they set themselves up to conquer the day.

Meet the ladies: 

  • Natalie Plain – Founder, CEO Billion Dollar Brows
  • Sally Phillips – Founder, Upside Strategies
  • Amy Nicole – Founder + Creative Director, Chic Studios 
  • Kelly Kovack – Founder, Beauty Matter


natalie plain



I love to wake up early…4:30 am is my favorite time to get a jump on the day.  Mentally I set my intentions for the day and then head into workout mode.

Hot yoga, Swimming or a Run around my neighborhood allows me be centered.  I have more energy to give back after an intense workout.

A quick shower and I jump right into Mom mode.  I’ll generally head into the office straightaway where I check emails while using one of my favorite Patchology skin masks.

From there I begin testing a number of cosmetic products that our laboratory creates for future product launches.

I’m always in R&D mode!

Plain and simply said, I created a Billion Dollar Beauty routine that’s easy, clean while never breaking the bank;)” 

Natalie Plain



sally phillips



My typical routine (when I don’t have an early morning meeting) –

Reluctantly open my eyes, usually around 6ish — I don’t set an alarm unless I have to be out early because I just wake up at that time. I’d rather sleep later. I just can’t.

The very first thing I do after I open my eyes is to give lots of pets and smushies to my pup. That puts both of us in a good mood for the day!

I brush my teeth and wash my face with a gentle scrub cleanser; do some C and E drops, moisturize and sunscreen. Same routine every single day.


 If I have clients, I do some clean makeup (I like to look natural); A light base and powder, beige eyelids, some smudged liner, mascara and some color on my cheeks.


If I do not have clients that day, I don’t bother with makeup (except maybe mascara). And then, before I speak to another human being and in the interest of public health and safety…. I have my first all-important CAPPUCINO! With added foamy almond milk. I love my Nespresso machine. The day does not begin until then. It simply doesn’t. 

Breakfast is usually cottage cheese with fruit or toast, maybe an egg  (and my 2nd and sadly last cappuccino)–  and then off to walk a couple of miles with the pooch and whatever I am “reading” on Audible. Today it was “The Silent Patient”. I recommend it.

 If I have no morning meetings, I will [try to] go to Yoga — but since it is hot yoga and I am a sweaty mess afterward, it requires a shower, hair wash, blow-dry, curling iron —  if I am having a good hair day, I skip yoga. I have my limits. Instead, I might hop on my Pilates reformer and do 30 – 40 minutes at home. Or I wisely convince myself that the dog walk was “exercise” enough. Ah virtue.

 And then… the work day begins. 





My morning routine is all about clarity. I love waking up before the rest of the house (I have two pups, two boys and my husband) so when that happens, I take time to myself, turn ‘Alexa’ on and make a latte (after I hydrate with 2 cups of water first, always!) 

I take a moment to think about my day – who’s going where, what’s for breakfast, anything out of the ordinary, so I can plan ahead.  Is it a regular day- if so, I jump online to handle emails and connect with my NYC team (I am on the west coast) then breakfast, kids to school and back to work.

My beauty routine starts with washing my face, brushing my teeth and popping my contacts in.  I usually apply a Wander Beauty or Patchology eye mask on, while I am enjoying my latte. 

Then, when I am done a few hours of work, I go for a walk with the pups, then a quick run when I can.  Shower and apply makeup. 

I prefer a quick 5 to 10-minutes makeup these days but due to timing but when i have the chance, I enjoy a quiet makeup session testing and playing with my new or favorite products.

5-10 minutes makeup products, step and brands I love can be found on my IG @amychicstudios but here are my go-to products: skincare (with SPF), foundation, concealer (when needed) and set with powder.  Mascara, eyeliner under eyes and smudge over with a brown powder. Then, color on the cheeks and lipgloss or balm.





I’m not a morning person so it’s a process of easing into the day for me. I must admit that I am a little spoiled because my day usually starts with my sweet husband (who wakes us much earlier) waking me up around 7am with a cup of coffee in bed. I do a quick meditation, set some intentions for the day and spend a bit of time with my husband before he leaves for work. One of the great things about working for yourself is you can control your schedule a bit. I try not to take any meetings before 10am which gives me 2 hours to do some type of exercise, a bit of reading, have breakfast and shower. 

My skincare routine in the morning is fairly simple because in the evening is when I do the heavy lifting that front. Depending on where I am (I have to travel a lot) and how my skin is feeling I’ll decide how much moisture I need – in rotation currently are products from Loli, Augustinus Bader, Mila Moursi and Leland Francis. Next step makeup which on most days is pretty simple a bit of Trish McEvoy Even Skin Water Foundation, Shu Uemura Eye Brow Pencil, Mascara and some lip balm.