So you went to school, educated yourself, have your diploma (license or certificate) in hand!  Now What?

 Maybe you’re thinking big things are coming.  Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with which way to take your career?  If you studied at Chic Studios, you’ll remember the business section of week two, all about the various career paths.  That week is packed with so much information, you needed an extra note book for all the notes you took, right? If you haven’t attended a course yet, no worries, we have you covered.  Here are some career path options you can consider, and then possibly join us? About Chic Studios

You have a world of opportunities coming your way! See if any of these sparks your interest:

  • Bridal Clients
  • Film or Television
  • Fashion or Runway
  • Retail + Sales 
  • Content Creator + Beauty Influencer
  • Theater and Performance
  • Freelance Artist


This is such a thriving and growing industry within the beauty business, and we all know a bride always needs a makeup artist.  But did you consider a bridal trial, the entire bridal party, engagement photos, bachelorette parties or pre-wedding photoshoot? Collaborate with a wedding photographer, connect with a bridal glam hairstylist or consider creating a mobile bridal service business offering all these under one umbrella.  There are so many areas you can take yourself within the bridal industry as a makeup artist, and did we mention, you can offer add-on services such as tattoo coverage, airbrush makeup or basic hairstyling. All of these courses are offered at Chic Studios, if you’re interested in exploring them COURSES HERE


Film or Television

This includes being on the set of films, television shows and commercials. Even if actors do not need any special effects makeup (bald caps, body makeup not always needed), beauty makeup artists are still needed on-set.  

At Chic Studios, we offer a TV and Music Video makeup Course, which offers a great amount of insight into being on-set, what your makeup kit should look like and various looks you may do if you were to dabble down this career path.  TV and Music Video Course


Fashion or Runway

Who doesn’t love the looks off the runway, or the glam we see in magazines?  Working in the fashion industry can be the most incredible career path in so many ways.  Working as a runway makeup artist is so expressive, creative and exciting. At Chic Studios we teach a Fashion and Runway Course, which goes into Editorial looks, hyper-creative, glam, Chic and avant garde. And then, the course goes into Runway makeup, which is fast-paced and trendy.  Fashion and Runway Course


Retail + Sales 

With this part of the beauty industry being over a billion dollars, there is a lot of jobs to go around. From brand sales to the retail floor, building clients to doing faces at your favorite brand.  Oh and did we mention, getting paid to do so. Check out jobs on the Chic Pro Community (if you’re a graduate! We post frequently) 


Content Creator + Beauty Influencer

This is one of the most exciting new areas of beauty. It’s developing, growing and evolving.  This area of the beauty industry can make you some great bank. Check out our Digital Beauty Social Media Course    for all things beauty and social beauty, wrapped into one day. 


Freelance Artist

We saved the best for last.  Ever thought that working for yourself was the best job in the world? As one of our favorite authors Seth Godin says, “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”  become your own boss. Love what you do everything. As a freelance artist, you make your own schedule. Your own goals and targets, and can push yourself to reach greatness and keep at it.  This pathway of being a makeup artist is not always easy, as it takes time to build clients but with a network, mentors (if you have), a community (become part of like-minded groups) you can build your squad that helps lift you up and spread the word on your new (and in time, credible) freelance business.  Find out more about being a Makeup Artist   Go get it!