A Professional Makeup artists seems to have a glam and Chic job, well, yes, that is true in many ways, with private clients, celebrities, fashion shows and set-life if can really be the coolest gig in the world, we agree.  However, we wanted to share the behind the curtian life of a pro artist. 

Hard work is key in the makeup industry.  Being the first to arrive and the last to leave should be your mind-set.  At Chic Studios we teach our students that professionalism is so importatnt.  Your reputation is everything. As Harriett Jackson Brown Jr said,  “Take care of your reputation. It’s your most valuable asset.”  

The reputation of a professional artist starts the moment you call yourself professional.  As our Chic students, they start with their education, setting themselves apart from others with an investment in themselves and their art.

Once you become a pro, there are situations you may not love, or might choose to stear away from, but always stay open-minded and it’s best to try things, at least once.   

Here are some situation you can avoid or know how to handle if needed:

Work for FREE or Less than you Thought?

Long Hours?

A Client Doesn’t love the look you did?

Travel way further than you thought?

Loosing money on this Job?

Ever thought you would work for FREE?  You might decide to take a gig, a photo shoot or a fashion show that doesn’t pay you in cash, but allows you to grow as an artist and push your skill-set.  We say, try it! Also, internships are a great way to gain knowledge and get the hands-on experience. 

Did you think you would work everyday?  You might. But chances are when you start you may have to take on a few various jobs – freelance, retail, creating content for a brand, or possibly teaming up with a bridal company to glam their clients.

Did you think all makeup looks you do, your client will love each one, how about if they don’t?  What happens when a client says ‘Oh that’s  not what I had in mind, or worse, I don’t like this makeup look?  No worries, the best thing, is to stay calm, welcome their feedback that they want something different, and ask more questions or have them pull a photo to explain better (best to start with that 🙂 But make can always be removed, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

Good news, you book a Gig but then you find out, you have to travel way over there…. Miles away.  Cancel the gig? Heck no!  Ask before you book a job, what the location is.  If you commit, do whatever it takes to be there. Remember what we said about reputation.

How about a job costing you more than you are making?  Again, ask questions.  Find out what the client wants.  How much the budget it, what products of yours you have to use and what they have.  Don’t sell yourself short. It is ok to ask for compensation for your supplies. 

We saved the best for last. Keep investing into your art.  Into you Self. Take more courses, workshops, classes and grow.  Education is key. About Chic Studios  


‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” ~ Malcolm X