Happy Spring 2019! We would like to share this book, it’s called ‘In This Together’. A great read and we hope this inspires and motivates you! Some important bullet points:

11 Characteristics Often Considered To Be Women’s Greatest Strengths:

    • Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to notice, manage, and express emotions, and it’s essential to being able to conduct interpersonal relationships wisely and with empathy. Women are accorded more freedom in our society to express a range of emotions than men are.
    • Empathy, or the ability to understand and share other people’s feelings is important for a healthy workplace. The vast majority of employees value this trait, even though nearly half of CEOs say they have trouble expressing empathy.
    • Compassion is a sympathetic of another person’s distress combined with a desire to alleviate it. Most employees like to work for a boss who shows she cares. This makes it easier to cultivate positivity relationships and boosts employee health, well-being, and retention, all of which help the bottom line.
    • Good communication skills assist in delivering or exchanging information, which is essential to connecting with other people. Women excel at picking up nonverbal cues and using information to strengthen bonds among people.
    • An ability to build relationships affects the way people regard and behave toward each other. This is all about the way people connect, and women excel at connecting.
    • Multitasking skills are essential at fast-paced companies, and women have them in spades, again possibly due to their many social responsibilities. Women multitask to increase their productivity and get ahead of their competition.
    • A tendency to collaborate, or practice the art of working with someone else to produce something, is increasingly important in today’s business. Women who care about the opinions and the value the contributions of others are more likely to do it well.
    • A desire to mentor, or engage in a professional relationship in which an experienced person assists someone less skilled to develop specific abilities or knowledge, is also valuable. Many women go out of their way to help others learn, which improves company atmosphere and productivity.
    • Passion, a strong feeling of enthusiasm and excitement, drives women to excel and seek to improve their working worlds. Successful women know how to combine it with logic, creativity, and facts to avoid criticism for being emotional.
    • Vulnerability is often thought of as a weakness, but women reveal their own vulnerability often inspire others to contribute their best. Asking for help allows coworkers to contribute their expertise, take pride in a project’s success, and build a successful team. You don’t have to have all the answers or skills yourself to be a successful leader.
    • Endurance is the ability to persist in the face of an unpleasant or difficult situation without giving way. Women have a boundless  capacity to withstand wear and tear.

We hope this helps give you insights on how to be successful in any endeavor you are in!

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