Always on the go? With the new year ringing in, we have a lot of resolutions to fill in our busy schedules! Running late? Not enough time to do a full-face glam? We got you covered! Yes, it is possible to squeeze in an effortless simple makeup look that’ll have you look like a runway star- when it will actually take just 5 minutes or sometimes even less! Here are the tips and steps for a 5-minute makeup looks that’ll leave you looking gorgeous in no time! It’s easy, quick, and perfect for every face!

Blush as Eyeshadow

Yes, that’s right! Your blush powder can act as your eyeshadow due to similar texture. With your favorite blush color, just dab it on your eyelids as much or as little as you want! Perhaps you can use the blush color and pack it into the crease of your eyes to create a monochromatic definition in your eyes. Beautiful and effortless! It’s a fast and simple way to coat your lids and saves time as it is multipurpose! For the blush/eyeshadow combo, we recommend the MAC Mineralize Blush. The shade colors come in either matte or shimmer, and they range from beautiful rosy, gold, coral to neutral hues- perfect for your eyes and cheeks! You literally can make everything out of anything! Also with shimmers on the eyelids, you are sure to rock a glamorous New Years look!

Bright Bold Eyeshadow

We know that blending a different shades of shadows can be so time consuming. So why save all that trouble and opt for one bright bold eyeshadow for a change! Simple yet effective! This dramatic eye look utilizes just one eyeshadow color of your choosing to make your eyes stand out (in a good way)! We recommend using dramatic palettes like NYX Professional Makeup Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette to get those popping eye looks! You’ll have people do a double take!  A Chic tip: Place powder under the eye to wipe off after done, in case any fall-out, or you can apply eye product first, wipe under eyes with moisturizer to remove fall-out and hydrate at the same time.

Conceal to Contour

Have a darker concealer stowed away in your stash? You can utilize that concealer to your advantage- for contouring! For a good concealer, we recommend applying with NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. With a contouring brush, apply the darker concealer on the hollows of your cheeks, forehead, jawline, and/or sides of nose to have definition and a beautiful radiant bronze glow on your face!

Eyes and Lips please!

Only have time to put on at least a few products? You can focus on just your eyes and lips! Then everything else can be a clean fresh faced subtle look. Eyes and lips are one of the first things people look at, so why not use it to your advantage?! We opt for the Glossier Lash Stick, Everyday Black Mascara on the eyes and Milk Makeup Lip+Cheek stick.  The mascara is not clumpy and would effortlessly curl and lengthen your lashes, opening your eyes so you’d look more awake! It’ll look more like a natural lash extension! The Milk lip+cheek stick is a great 2-for-1 product! How awesome is that?! The multipurpose color stick comes in pink, berry, and coral tint shades, and it will blend and melt into your lips and cheeks naturally. Plus, it is made with natural ingredients, such as mango butter and avocado oil.  You have a completed, beautiful look!

Brows Make the Face

If you want more of a minimal fresh face look, this is for you! We love using Billion Dollar Brows Triple Threat Brow Pencil to fill in your brows and Tarte Shape Tape Contour and Concealer.  First, prep your brows with the spoolie brush and frame/fill your eyebrows in with the shade closest to your brow color. Then apply concealer to any discoloration, blemishes, or even stray brow hairs.  Add a lip gloss on your lips for a glossy pout finish!


With these quick makeup looks, you will leave promptly out the door looking put together and chic! We at Chic Studios have effortless simple makeup and more dramatic looks you can achieve in class for you and everyone. Interested in learning our techniques? Come take a tour with us and enroll in our classes now! Here are just a few of our informative and successful Chic Studios NYC courses you can take to perfect your makeup artistry (including flawless simple makeup and elaborate bridal looks): NYC Makeup Workshop or NYC Makeup Lessons


Recap of Steps to a 5-Minute Simple Makeup:

  1. Hydrate Skin + Lips
  2. Colored Eyes? Do Eyes First. If not, Start with Step 3.  
  3. Foundation
  4. Brows
  5. Cheeks/Lips
  6. Mascara, and Go Girl!