Have you ever considered… Why should I attend a makeup school? We’re happy to answer that! A makeup school opens up a ton of opportunities for your career! It’s more so a specialized field of work, and you get to become creative- so you get the best of both! At Chic Studios, we are an accredited, professional makeup school, designed for students to learn all aspects of the makeup world from the best makeup artists in the industry. Additionally, the courses will give you insight to the business world, which will make you prone to start your own business! Here are top reasons why you should attend a makeup school like Chic!

Becoming Your Own Boss

Chic classes do have business courses that’ll have students learning, in detail, the ins-and-outs of the beauty business in a wide spectrum! What is awesome about the courses is that you will get hands-on training, along with the opportunities of building your business plan, forming a website, creating business cards, and everything else that comes along in running a successful business (by the experts)! This is a 2-for-1 deal! How great is that?!

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Endless Specialization Options and Techniques!

Chic Studios provides a huge selection of specialty makeup classes! You can choose any of the courses ranging from bridal makeup and business, fashion/runway, film/television, to digital beauty! In those specific courses, you will learn about the details and intricacies of how to perfectly blend colors in color theory, use different applications of day and night looks, apply a proper skin care routine, contouring/ highlighting, brows, lips, eyes, cheeks, and the infinite list goes on from there! In short, there’s a lot that goes on in the classes, which is all packed in a short amount of time! Your time in Chic Studios classes will be well spent, as the instructors will teach you step-by-step on everything there is to know about makeup!

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Create Your Own Style

You will have the opportunity to develop new techniques and unleash your own chic style in the makeup classes. As time goes on, you will know which method works for you and will create your own signature style, that’ll have clients flocking over to your station in no time- with the help from the instructors! The possibilities here are limitless!

Work With Celebrities and A-Listers

At Chic Studios, we have events to showcase your skills! As your name grows in the beauty community, as well as some prominent venues (runways, film sets, editorials), don’t be surprised when you will most likely meet some interesting people, known as celebrities, along the way! When people recognize your work, the celebrities and a-listers will want to call you up as their to-go makeup artist! It’s a great opportunity to network with the stars and other public figures, so the word-of-mouth spreads and you will expand your clientele! The Chic Studios Director of Education, Kayti Pillor has a great roster of celebrities she’s worked with. Also, the same goes with Amy Nicole, the Founder; long-time instructor Shaun Gibson ; and Cynthia Rivas. Chic is full of celebrity makeup artists, and you could be one too.

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Making People Feel Beautiful!

That’s the name of the makeup game at Chic! At the end of the day, you get to make everyone who comes your way, look their best with your creative makeup skills! It’s surely a rewarding experience for the client and yourself when both feel happy with the look! Your work will truly show if you are passionate in your art! People will come back for more, and before you know it, you are a high demand professional MUA (makeup artist)! Be sure to fully commit to your beauty artistry!

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Cosmetology License/Certification and Aftercare Programs

At the end of the courses you’d earn a certification, granting you credibility as a professional makeup artist! With the certification, it shows that you are a well-rounded expert when it comes to the mastery of makeup theories, technicalities and applications. You will make your name as a certified professional makeup artist, that clients will trust and gladly have their makeup done by you. Also, you will get Pro Membership cards as part of the Chic Pro Community group! You’ll always be a part of the Chic community even after graduation. So Chic Studios can help you along in your career, and you can stay in the loop on all Chic events! Once a Chic member, always a Chic member!


Here are some student/grad testimonies about going to Chic Studios and their experiences while in the courses:

Credits by Dilan K.

“One of the best school I recommend. I went to so many beauty schools, but none of them have helped me far with my career like Chic Studios. The school has really caring instructors and they will make sure you get what you need to get yourself started in a new career. Best part is you always will have gig opportunities through their community page after graduation. And you can always return back for some refreshments, and you get to use one of their studio room for your own client by appointment with no fee. Only for Chic grads. I turned my passion into career thanks to no other school but CHIC STUDIOS!!!!!”

-Dilan K.

Credits by Lora Levison

“Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to model with various instructors at Chic Studios in Los Angeles. While each instructor has their own individual style, the common denominator is talent, knowledge and communication. The students graduate feeling confident and ready to work in the industry. I know first hand because I’ve been able to work with many Chic graduates on set, who exhibit themselves with the utmost professionalism.”

-Lora Levison (Chic model)

Credits by Katrina Corral

“Enrolling at Chic Studios NYC was quite a big decision for me to make, as I had to invest in flying all the way from the Philippines. But it turned out to be one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my life. I learned a lot and had the best time ever!

The instructors were extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and I remain friends with them to this day. They’ve done a great job of equipping us with the skills that were necessary to not just survive but to thrive in the industry. If I struggle with some questions, I know that I will have the support of the community. The culture and environment is very friendly and fun, yet also professional. With Chic, networking with makeup brands and people in the industry comes easier and the learning never ends.

How can I forget meeting the Pixiwoo sisters of Real Techniques brushes, who came all the way from Europe when they filmed one of their Youtube videos at Chic? And not to mention the workshops with Nars, Mac Cosmetics, Stila, Billion Dollar Brows, and many others that were all part of Chic Events that the school has hosted?

I had previously read about the after school support system that they offered but did not expect it to go beyond my expectations. I have gained many of my experiences through the school and it’s always a great time working with other Chic grads.

Because of Chic, I was able to work alongside the best during NY Bridal Fashion Week, I was able to meet industry leaders like Rae Morries, Eve Pearl, and Lisa Eldridge all while gaining experience by working at the Chic glitter lip bar at IMATS. I gained invaluable experience working in TV, Film, Photography, Fashion and Bridal Makeup, and hairstyling in New York City, and I have become a full time, NY certified freelance Makeup Artist.

I still have a long way to go in elevating my craft and reaching for my goals, and the journey isn’t always easy. But I know that I have my Chic community to back me up. Always.

I will never forget my life-changing experience at Chic Studios School of Makeup. For all these and more, I will always be grateful. As Chic continues to grow, I know that I will be growing with them and that the best is only yet to come for all of us. To Amy, Christina, Jonny, Ruthie, Tim, Angelique, Angela, Vicky, my former classmates, fellow graduates, and every other amazing person that I have met through Chic Studios, Thank you so much!!!

If you are looking to make a smart decision by choosing a makeup school that, aside from being great value for money, offers vital and indispensable after school support, choose the Chic Studios experience.  Who would want to miss out on a life-long kind of makeup education like this?”

<3-Katrina Corral

Credits by Chainelle Molina

“Chic Studios has a beyond amazing and talented staff that cares for their students. I graduated from Chic Studios and attending was truly the best decision I made for my career as a professional makeup artist. Upon graduation, you are guaranteed the opportunity to join a job placement program with the school which has helped my career skyrocket! I was a “self-taught” makeup artist for 8 years before I decided to get certified, and although many people do not believe that it is necessary — I believe continuing your education is ALWAYS important. Invest in yourself and in your craft, and you won’t regret it!  THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and pushing your students to succeed! Xo”

-Chainelle Molina

Credits by Cynthia Walker

“I attended in January of 2016 and I had the best time! In the 4 weeks that I was there, I learned about techniques, products, and application. I also learned about the business side of makeup artistry and the different avenues one can take in his/her career. I had amazing teachers who were so open and helpful, and I also met fellow students who are awesome makeup artists today. I definitely recommend going to this school and investing in your career.”

-Cynthia Walker

Credits by Deepti Sheladia

“Attending Chic Studios is one of the best decisions I could have made for my career in makeup! If you are looking to learn more about makeup or join the beauty industry, look no further. The instructors all have established careers in the makeup industry and are super encouraging. Everyone at Chic wants to see you succeed and they will help you get to where you want to be. Through Chic’s aftercare program I have been able to work at New York Fashion Week, The Makeup Show, and I even got to do makeup for Miss New York Teen for her press reel. I’ve met incredibly talented artists, photographers, and mentors here and would not be where I am without Chic Studios!”

-Deepti Sheladia

makeup school in LA graduate

The great thing about being in a Chic Studios class is that you get to make connections to the professional makeup industry with the assistance of the instructors, who currently have working knowledge of the field! Also with the school, you have the opportunities of going to events and shows to network with working professionals (and stay up-to-date with the latest trends)! Chic Studios will help you achieve your dreams and aspirations of becoming a professional makeup artist in no time! Sign up for Chic Studios professional makeup classes now to make your dream a reality!