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One of the things we constantly tell our New York makeup school students is to never stop learning. As a makeup artist, your focus is all on how to improve and enhance your artistry. Your free time should be spent learning and practicing new techniques, checking on trends and new products. The world of beauty is so vast and filled with so many talented people in it. So how do you set yourself apart?

One skill that will further your career as a makeup artist is learning hairstyling! In the world of beauty, there are many industries that are very fast paced. These are why multi-talented artists are often chosen for their work. If you consider adding hairstyling to be used hand in hand with your makeup artistry skills, you can seriously become a more employable option in your career!

As part of our New York makeup school curriculum, we offer something that’s different than the usual makeup course: Hairstyling for Makeup Artists! This workshop is designed to advance the talent and skills of professional makeup artists to achieve basic hairstyles when needed in their professional careers. This workshop runs over 3 consecutive days and consists of 18 total hours. In this class you’ll learn proper on-set training; styling techniques like pin curls, curling, teasing, braids; working with bridal clients and hairstyles; up-dos, and blow-outs. There’s so much to learn and you’ll become a pro in this intensive and hands-on course.

Read more below about the benefits of learning hairstyling as a makeup artist!

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Multiservice option

The fact that you can do both makeup and hair will make you a more viable option when it comes to freelance gigs. Knowing two skills is better than one and you prove to be a true beauty pro on set. When you have a well-rounded education in the beauty industry, it will be much more attractive to clients that you provide more than one service.

More likely be hired often

Hair and makeup coincide and go well together! You can’t have one without the other in order to complete the look especially when it comes to the bridal industry. Hiring someone who can do both hair and makeup will put a stressed bride at ease when it comes to planning her big day. Between you and your competition, if they only know how to do makeup, then you’ll be seen as more valuable since you can do it all! When it comes to trial days, brides always want to make sure they look picture perfect especially with their hair and makeup. If they’re booking two separate people for their big day, that means they’ll need to have 4 total appointments (one trial for makeup, final makeup, one trial for hair, final hair). This could cause a problem for a bride who has to juggle her daily routine along with the huge wedding planning. If they’re hiring one person who can do both hair and makeup, it can all be done in one appointment and payment; all services are done altogether. Brides save time, money and stress when they can find a two-in-one service for their special day.

If you’re interested in the bridal industry and the fashion industry, learning hairstyling could be very beneficial to your skills as an artist but also your value. In worst case scenarios, a hairstylist might not be able to make it to the wedding or photo shoot location– if you’re short a person that could be seen as a huge dilemma! If you’re able to style and do hair on set, you’ll be seen as a great asset to a team.


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Salary will grow / can charge more

If you’re knowledgeable in hair and makeup, you can offer two services where your cost as a whole reflects that. If you’re filling in as both a makeup artist and hairstylist on set, you can definitely have a higher rate than just filling in one job as a makeup artist. You’ll be hired more often as well as make more money with these two amazing skills.

We’ve mentioned before to never stop learning. Most of our students, after or before enrolling in our Professional or Master Program, have had previous training in cosmetology or esthetics and skin care. We suggest to our Basic Hairstyling class students to take on their new skills and improve on them. Certification is important because even if you can do hair on your own, there needs to be a foundation for your skills and it requires training and practice just like makeup artistry. When you have proof of program completion and training, employers without a doubt know that you are serious business. Just like receiving proper education for makeup artistry, it is needed for hairstyling as well to be as credible as possible.

Your clientele will grow

We touched on the subject that you’ll be more valuable in the industry if you know how to do makeup and hair on set. Just like the bridal industry, the freelance and creative industry would find it more ideal if they can find someone who can do hair and makeup on set. As an artist, if you can do both, you’re seen as more valuable on set. Television and movie sets are hubs for creatives and they are looking for people who are multi-talented. They will hire someone who is able to do both since it will make their job easier and faster as they only have to go through one service person. If you do both makeup and hair you will increase the areas of expertise for yourself and for your credibility. The more industries you can work for, the better it is an artist for you to learn and grow. When you know how to do certain hairstyles, especially film, fashion, and periods looks, it can open many opportunities for you. Being upfront about your hair styling training and mentioning which techniques you can recreate is important when communicating with potential clients.

Fully convinced that you need to learn how to do hair? Join us for our next Hairstyling Class for Makeup Artists at Chic Studios NYC!